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A Clash of Two Realities: DeSantis vs Newsom—4 Things You Should Know

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A fiery debate between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and California Governor Gavin Newsome introduced two realities to over 5 million people.

The two politicians hate each other. But surprisingly both agreed to debate each other. They both had a lot to lose and a lot to gain.

As Florida’s Ron DeSantis and California’s Gavin Newsom debated, the sparks flew.

1. This debate was different.

The reality of the GOP debates has been the biased media have conducted them and they have been unfair to the Republicans.

However, this time, it was not going to be a panel of pro-socialist, secular journalists; instead, it was going to be conservative commentator Sean Hannity.

This was not presented as a presidential debate, but as a Red State vs Blue State debate. Sean did his best to be fair to both candidates and publicly said that he was going to try to be as objective as he could be.

The few times when it looked like he was being unfair was when Gavin Newsom refused to answer some of the questions directly, and Hannity kept pressing him to address the questions.

Otherwise, Hannity was evenhanded.

However, not everyone agreed that Hannity was fair. Many Democrat commentators and left-leaning media talking heads felt Hannity did something egregious—So egregious that it horrified Gavin Newsom, his political consultants, and the radical left.

Hannity’s questions were all built around research from objective sources, such as the FBI, CDC, and other organizations that, if anything, misrepresented facts and figures to Newsom’s advantage.

Hannity used fact based slides that showed the destructive results and the failure of California policies and the success of Florida policies.

2.The Facts Presented

Here are some of the facts presented so both candidates could answer:(Each of the facts below were a slide on the screen followed by an invitation to address them.)

  • Homeless Population:
    CA = 172,000 vs FL= 26,000
    Gavin bragged about what he had done but ignored the statistics.
  • Gas Prices:
    CA average $4.85 vs FL= $3.17
    Gavin blamed “corporations” for the high prices.
    This was false see HERE to see article: The Socialist War on Gasoline Dirty Little Secret: How California Leads the Nation in Dramatically Spiking Prices and Creating Economic Pain and Suffering.

  • Education:
    CA ranked #20 (spending $16k per student) vs FL #1 (spending $12k per student)
    Besides educational outcomes, indoctrination of the children and parental rights was brought up.

 The issue of crime and gun control:

  • Mass Shootings:

CA= 21 mass shootings since 2019 vs FL= 9 mass shootings

  • Violent Crime Rates:

CA= 499.5 per 100k vs FL= 258.9 per 100k

  • COVID rates:

California was a lockdown state. Florida was not. The Covid rate was basically tied:

CA= 248.4 per 100k vs FL= 252.6

And Taxes were brought up:

State Tax Rates:

  • CA property tax= 0.75% vs FL= 0.91%
  • CA sales tax= 7.25% vs FL 6.0%
  • CA gas tax per gallon= .77 vs FL= .35
  • CA corporate income tax= 8.84% vs FL 5.50%

Newsom was faced with a horrific reality. He had to ignore either the facts presented to the millions watching or, manufacture a statistic or fact in his favor, or go on the attack.

He did all, especially going on the attack against DeSantis.

One thing is clear: the two men do not like each other.

So, a heated debate took place, and despite their smiles, they both went on the warpath, both on the offensive and defensive.

Newsom had to resort to going on the defensive… so much so that at one point, he nitpicked DeSantis’ pronunciation of VP Harris’ first name, diffusing the fact that he couldn’t dispute the facts.

3. And the winner is…?

Radical, pro-socialist, Democrat secularists thought Newsom won the debate. Conservative Republicans and Christians thought DeSantis won the debate.

The truth is both won for their side. To anyone objective and to the “persuadables,” Newsom lost the debate.

Not because of anything other than the condemning evidence in the facts presented before each question, showing the superiority of Florida over California or a free state over a socialist state.

In future issues, we will examine the facts presented in the debate and how the candidate did, because Newsom will be the number one campaigner for Joe Biden… Or will be the Democratic candidate for president in 2024.

If he is not the candidate, then he will be the candidate in 2028.

The race just picked up speed.

4. A clash of two realities

Both Newsom and DeSantis were presenting two different realities. They were two presidential candidates who couldn’t afford to make mistakes—They both had to show that they were up for the presidency and look presidential.

This debate was the first time for many to get to see the two candidates. Newsom was well… Gavin Newsom. For over 20 years, I’ve followed him and written about his failed policies in California and about how Newsom was a slick snake oil salesman.

As usual, Newsom was on stage, smiling confidently and arrogantly.

He was self-righteous and fast-talking, using multiple points in one sentence in order to make himself sound authoritative and convince the audience he was knowledgeable, truthful, friendly, and down-to-earth, just like them.

By contrast, DeSantis spoke steadily and to the point. He was knowledgeable and gave the facts clearly.

He, at times, failed to stress key points, take the facts Hannity presented, and try to make Newsom address the facts.

But all in all, DeSantis came across as Presidential. He was authoritative, knowledgeable, and was more natural.

As for the millions of “persuadables” watching, DeSantis won.


Because of Sean Hannity, the Fox News moderator presenting facts for each candidate to answer… facts against California and for Florida.

Facts that destroyed Newsome’s credibility. Facts Newsome wasn’t able to answer.


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  1. Newsom showed himself to be the scorpion he is. Anyone living in CA and struggling can vouch for the evilness of Newsom Yet liberals will think he is good and vote for him. What prevents a liberal from doing research and really understanding the consequences of political issues? the consequences of political policies? I just don’t get it.

    1. I’m thanking Mr. Humanity for presenting a good and hard working Mr. DeSantis who cares about the citizens in he’s State, and for showing us the difference between a humble intelligent governor and a evil uncaring selfish man that thinks his lies is good enough to be a governor of a state. Evil has a place where other evils allows evil to be present, I grew up in West Los Angeles and make our residence in Inglewood, CA. but I’m disappointed to see how bad and inconsiderate newsom is to California. My prayers go out to the Holy Spirit to help us remove corruption that has destroyed California, I do believe that God does Bless America.

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