The Huey Alert Podcast w/ Craig & Shelly Top 10 Episodes of 2023

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Listed below are our personal favorites when it comes to episodes Shelly and I both loved. We recently began recording videos for our podcasts, so if you would like to show support, go over to our new YouTube podcast page, like, comment, share, and subscribe! We appreciate any support and will continue to film our podcasts moving into 2024!

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Here are the Top 10:

10. Terrorist Attack Ahead? Why We All Should be on the Alert… (This is our first recorded one; watch the YouTube video below!)

9. Parents as Domestic Terrorists? Why the War on Parents and Kids is Really Happening: My Powerful Interview/Podcast

8. Biblical Ignorance: Why So Many Americans Are Pro-Palestine…

7. Socialism and Marxism in America: How Powerful Is it…and What Does it Mean to Our Future?

6. Are You a Christian Terrorist? How the Weaponized Biden Bureaucracy Targeting of Christians is Escalating—But Christians Are Winning This War…

5. Divided Nation: Why There’s a Generational Loss for the Church… How to Stop it… And How to Turn Things Around

4. Changing Hollywood: Family-Friendly Movies and Christian Movies Are Big Box Office Hits—How Your Movie Choices Shape What Hollywood Puts Out

3. How to Motivate Your Pastor to Speak Out on Cultural and Political Issues from a Biblical Worldview

2. Biden’s War on Gas: I Ask Rick Perry About High Gas and Oil Prices and How to Turn it Around

AND the number one spot goes to…

    1. Breakthrough Hope For Families And Friends Of LGBTQ: What To Say And What To Do From A Christian Perspective

We really have loved every second of making these podcasts and interviewing so many wonderful people this year. 2024 is going to so exciting with video!

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