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The Growing Danger of Socialism in America- 7 Things You Should Know About Gen Z Millennials Distorted Love for Socialism

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There are over 68 million Generation Zers (11 to 26 years old) in the U.S. today—Over 20.6% of Americans.

Millennials are over 74.2 million (ages 24 to 40), over 21.6% of Americans.

Unfortunately, both are a generation of young adults who hate capitalism and embrace socialism.

Here are 7 things you should know…

  • A Distorted View of Capitalism

In a recent survey of Gen-Zers, 1 in 4 favored gradually abolishing capitalism in the US.

That’s 25% of this massive voting bloc.

It gets worse…

12% of Gen Z and 10% of millennials believe that “society would be better off if all private property were abolished and controlled by government.”

That’s Marxist socialism.

Moreover, 49% of Gen Z and 47% of millennials favor socialism, saying it’s “fair.”

These young adults wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about socialism if they were being taught true history instead of Marxist/socialist propaganda in schools and colleges.

The truth is that communist regimes massacred over 100 million people since the Bolshevik Party seized power during the Russian Revolution taking over the country in 1917. 1922 The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was born, becoming the world’s first “self-declared” socialist state.

Socialist “programs” in China have killed over 35 million men, women, and children.

North Korea and Cambodia promised radical social transformation, prosperity, and equity but wound up killing, torturing, and arresting any opposition.

The history of socialism is mass starvation, poverty, misery, and death to the people it was supposed to help.

  • Activist groups advance socialist agenda

Many groups and organizations promote socialism in one way or another., American Progress, Black Lives Matter, and many more exist.

One of the fastest-growing groups most Americans don’t know is The Democratic Socialist of America (DSA).

The DSA’s stated goal is to participate in “fights for reforms today that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people,” with a long-term aim of social ownership of production as public enterprises, worker cooperatives, or decentralized planning.

According to the radical socialist group the Democratic Socialist of America, its membership has ballooned from 6,000 members in 2015 to over 85,000 today, making it a significant political machine. 

That statistic is frightening enough, but what’s even more frightening is that members of the US Senate and Congress are members of the Democratic Socialist of America.

For example, these Congresspeople are members: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush, John Conyers, Ron Dellums, David Bonior, Jamaal Bowman, Greg Casar, and, of course, former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

  • Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

If you told Americans 20 years ago that a Marxist/socialist would not only become a US Senator but run for president, they probably would have laughed in your face.

However, that’s become a reality today.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist. He’s been one all of his adult life. He even honeymooned in the Communist Soviet Union.

He’s been an apologist for every socialist dictator, from Cuba’s Fidel Castro to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, where he said, “the American dream was more apt to be realized.”

He’s turned a blind eye to the horrors of Castro’s death prisons or Chavez’s arrests of political opponents and property confiscation of Venezuelan citizens.

His policies are anti-free enterprise and pro-big, centralized government. They destroy liberty and the individual’s rights and exalt the all-powerful bureaucratic state and collective.

His policies are not much different than Elizabeth Warren or Gavin Newsom, but the big difference is that he doesn’t hide it.

  • Redefining socialism

Politicians like Sanders and AOC and groups like DSA often try to redefine socialism or communism as “democratic socialism”—rebranding it to be acceptable to the masses.

They tell their supporters that the others got it wrong, but “we’ll” do it right.

Marion Smith, Director of the Victims of Communism Foundation, said, “Socialists cannot redefine the term ‘socialism’. It’s a term for an ideology, an imperfectly practiced system that affected the lives of millions of people.”

  • Socialism = The death of a nation

Every socialist nation has failed… without exception.

It brings economic and moral collapse and the creation of a police state.

The opposition are labeled “Class enemies” and are imprisoned or executed, all with the pretense of preserving “society” or “democracy.”

  • The Schools and Media Push for Socialism

One of the reasons Gen Z and Millennials are embracing socialism is because schools are teaching students that socialism is fair and equalizes the players so everyone shares in the wealth and prosperity because the “benevolent” government is “altruistic” and doesn’t operate on “greed.”This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In every socialist/communist society, the government leaders and their handpicked cronies are rich and live in the lap of luxury, not wanting anything.

However, the people must labor long hours for little pay and struggle for scarce resources because the means of production produce less and less, and the economy starts to collapse.

On the Soviet side of the Berlin Wall (1961-1989), they have armed soldiers, barbed wire, sandbags, and wood blockades to stop people from trying to escape communism. Anyone caught trying to escape to the “free side” was shot. If communism was so great, why would they need a wall and armed soldiers to keep the people from escaping?

People today are fleeing communist China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and other socialist countries at great risk to their lives.

Schools have ignored the legacy of socialism—they rewrite it to sound like some Utopian society. So, students never learn about the hardships and crimes of socialists.

  • Faith defeats socialism

One of the first things to go in a socialist society is religion. That’s because you must worship the state, not GOD. The state will provide everything you need, so God is not required.

There is no greater enemy of socialism than faith—that’s why the socialists must ban or control religion… That’s why the socialists here in the US hate it.

“Every socialist system of government has viewed religion as an existential threat,” said Smith. “Anything that provides a moral authority higher than the Communist Party is a threat.”

According to a recent study, 98% of Americans who embrace socialism reject religion. Contrastingly, 83% of religious people in the US preferred capitalism over socialism.

Today, the battle has shifted from 20 years ago.

Today’s battle is an epic battle of economic and cultural ideology.

Today’s battle is a battle of the rights of the individual vs the collective… a battle for freedom against statism.

If we fail to reverse this tragic path, our country will crumble like all others in history.

If we can turn the tide by changing minds and hearts about the American Dream—that has been the beacon of hope for economic growth and prosperity, justice, religious liberty, individual freedom, and self-governance.

If we can, we can reclaim the American Dream.

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  1. This is quite a report. I’m a Boomer and I see the deterioration of this wonderful country on a daily basis. What will it take to open the eyes of this generation to see that they are following a path to disaster?

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