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“Voter Guide Election Insider: 5 Things You Should Know, but Probably Don’t “

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(Editor’s note: This is part of our continuing series for all the presidential candidates for the 2024 election—No endorsement for any candidate is made)

1. DeSantis Pride Ad, Attacks Trump On ‘Gender Ideology’

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis headed. A viral campaign videos ad criticizing former President Donald Trump’s support of Pride Month and LGBTQ extremism.

DeSantis told Tomi Lahren that Trump was at the forefront in promoting gender ideology, and that it was “fair game” to showcase it.

To see the ad, click HERE.

2. Trump Campaign Money Used for Legal Fees.

Trump’s Save America PAC (Political Action Committee) has spent $40 million in legal fees in 2023, in addition to the $16 million that Save America spent in the previous two years. A total of $56 million has already been spent on legal fees.

Since then, former President Trump has been indicted twice and has expanded the size of his legal team and his two co-defendants, in the case related to his retention of classified material that work for him.

3, The California Senate Race- Congressman Adam Schiff or…?

California is debating which really bad U.S. Senate candidate should represent the state for 6 years.

Adam Schiff – who is a liar and can’t tell the truth is running against a top Democrat socialist/Marxist Congresswoman Katy Porter.

Here is what the polls and donations are showing:

  1. Porter, D-Orange County was the choice of 19% of likely voters, just ahead of Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Los Angeles, at 16%. Radical Socialist Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, at 13%. Moderate Conservative Republican Eric Early at 7%. Six percent were undecided.
  2. Porter’s campaign reported raising $3.2 million in the second quarter of the year and enters the summer with $10.4 million on hand. Lee, who is regarded as a favorite of grassroots progressives, raised about $1 Million in the second quarter. Schiff’s campaign out raised them both, hauling in $8.1 Million during the spring quarter. He had $29.5 Million on hand.

4. Political Favoritism: Wife $200,000 Spend Government Gift

Senator Joe Manchin’s special favors and gifts keep coming.

Manchin’s unlikely to win his reelection campaign for West Virginia Senate seat. He is more likely to run for President on the “no label” party.

Here is another Manchin giveaway.

In the $1.7 trillion omnibus package was a provision to give $200 million to the Appalachian Regional Commission, an agency headed by Manchin’s wife, Gayle.

5. How Mike Pence Plans to Become President: Evangelical Christians- 3 Things You Should Know [VIDEO]

Presidential Profile: Former VP Mike Pence

(Editor’s note: This is part of our continuing series for all the presidential candidates for the 2024 election—No endorsement for any candidate is made)

Former Vice President Mike Pence seems caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, he can’t attack Trump because he has stated on many occasions that he was involved in helping Trump formulate his policies…  On the other hand, he needs to distance himself from Trump.

One of the strategies he’s been using is comparing his personality with Trump’s. Pence has said, “we need to bring civility back to the presidency.”

Which is a dig at Trump being “unpresidential. “But this strategy has him trailing in 3rd to 4th place, behind DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Despite his name recognition and being part of Trump’s team, he has a very low popularity among many Republicans, largely because of his refusing to go along with Donald Trump’s plan on January 6 to use the electoral count dispute, which favored Trump.

However, Pence is counting on picking up the Evangelical vote—A voting block that Trump has knocked in recent months.

Here are 3 Things You Should Know:

  • Winning Iowa with the Christian vote

Pence is concentrating on the Iowa Primary.


Because over two-thirds of the Iowa Republican caucus self-identify as born-again Christians and Evangelical Christians.

By branding himself the one-true conservative Christian candidate, Pence hopes to distinguish himself to this powerful Iowa group.

Of course, Sen. Scott and the others are targeting the Evangelicals as well.

  • Questioning Trump’s “Christianity:

In an attempt to court the Evangelical vote, Pence said in a recent interview that, “I once invited President Trump to Bible study… He really liked the passages about the smiting and perishing of thine enemies. As he put it, ‘Ya know, Mike, there’s some really good stuff in here.’”

When asked about the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home, Pence commented, “I read that some of those classified documents they found at Mar-a-Lago were actually stuck in the president’s Bible … which proves he had absolutely no idea they were there.”

  • Winning New Hampshire and South Carolina will be hard

A Pence win in Iowa doesn’t mean he has a slam-dunk chance to win New Hampshire or South Carolina.

The “Live Free or Die” state has not been a clear victory for Evangelical candidates in the past.

And Pence is unlikely to win in South Carolina because its former Governor Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott’s home turf, and both are seeking the Evangelical vote—particularly Scott.

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HERE to see the 22-minute Mike Pence wide-ranging interview with Mike Pence on Mornings with Maria.

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