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The Great Deception: Socialism-America’s Epic Battle Between Collectivism vs. the Individual

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Note: This is a summary of Chapter 2 of Craig Huey’s new book The Great Deception: 10 Shocking Dangers and the Blueprint for Rescuing the American Dream.

Throughout American history, the struggle between collectivism and individualism has woven a complex narrative that continues today.

As the radical socialist/Marxists in government, ideologically driven bureaucrats, academia, and the judicial system continue pressing their socialist/Marxist agenda to “fundamentally change America,” the country finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the delicate balance between the lie of the “collective good” and our God-given individual freedoms.

To understand this epic battle, we must first examine the fundamental differences between collectivism and individualism.

Collectivism emphasizes the importance of community and collective well-being over individual interests. This ideology seeks to achieve social equality/equity by pooling resources and redistributing wealth. The government controls everything and everyone. Personal freedom is lost… “You will own nothing and like it.”

On the other hand, individualism places a premium on personal freedom, self-reliance, and limited government intervention.

It protects the God-given rights of the individual, the ability to make choices as long as you don’t harm someone else.

The tension between these two philosophies has played out in American politics, economics, and societal norms since the nation’s inception.

One of the earliest examples of collectivism in American history is the establishment of a socialist-type system among the Pilgrims at Plymouth in the 17th century.

With the “good intention” of sharing for the common good, the Pilgrims adopted a collectivist or socialist approach. It was a dismal failure. It wasn’t until they adopted a free-market approach—owning your home, your land, and the ability to sell what you produce—that they succeeded and ushered in the birth of a free nation.

Similarly, the New Deal programs implemented during the Great Depression under President Franklin D. Roosevelt aimed to address widespread economic hardship through socialist initiatives.

However, these initiatives had terrible unintended economic consequences. FDR’s attempts to end the Great Depression only succeeded in prolonging it by a decade.

While socialism has gained traction in various corners of the United States and worldwide, history bears witness to the failures of socialism.

The collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) in 1991 is a stark reminder of the pitfalls of an overly centralized and authoritarian socialist/communist system.

Similarly, Venezuela, once considered an economic powerhouse in South America, witnessed a dramatic decline into political turmoil and economic collapse in the 21st century.

Mismanagement, corruption, and overreliance on state control eroded the once-thriving economy, leaving its citizens grappling with hyperinflation and shortages of basic necessities.

Cuba, under decades of socialist rule, provides another example of the failure of socialism/communism. The government promised the people social and economic “equality,” but the government’s total control of everything took away individual, political, and religious freedoms and destroyed economic opportunities and prosperity.

As the debate between socialism and individualism rages on in America today, the nation sits on the precipice.

In America, socialists push for universal healthcare, income “equality,” “equity,” and other social justice issues to address “systemic” issues. However, what they really want is total government control of every aspect of our lives and livelihood.

The road to socialism in America is terrifying and anathema to the Constitution and everything our Founding Fathers envisioned.

Only through an understanding of history, philosophy, and the practical application of individualism, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights can the country forge a path that truly embodies the spirit of America and the American Dream.

Action Steps:

1) Get my new book, The Great Deception: 10 Shocking Dangers and the Blueprint for Rescuing the American Dream.

The Great Deception exposes lies, myths, and distortions from the media and politicians [See Chapter 2: Danger #1: The Road to Socialism: America’s Epic Battle Between Collectivism vs. the Individual].

The American Dream teeters on the edge as Chapter 2 of The Great Deception explores the profound impact of this war on the core values that built a nation. Are we on the precipice of surrendering our individual freedoms to the siren call of tyranny and socialism?

The Great Deception: 10 Shocking Dangers and the Blueprint for Rescuing the American Dream allows you to share these dangers and a solution to cutting through the deception with friends and family.

It exposes under-the-radar and little-known behind-the-scenes reasons America is falling backward and how to make it move again.

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2) Vote to replace Biden and the Democrats in the House and Senate in the 2024 election.

3) Pray for America.

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