The Destruction of the U.S. Military [Video]

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The U.S. military has been purging and discriminating against conservative, libertarians and Christians since Biden came into power.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is transforming the military for ideological purity: turning the military into a socialist/secular tool.

For example, the abuse and denials of religious exemptions for the covid vaccination has been disgraceful and unconstitutional.

Congressman Matt Gaetz did a great job confronting Austin on his destruction of the military.

That’s why I thought you would enjoy a video of him and General Austin. Click HERE.

During a Congressional hearing, Gaetz asked Austin some great questions:

  • Gaetz wanted to know why a Socialist professor was given a platform at a leading war college to suggest that the only way we can defeat communist China is to embrace socialism here in America.
  • Gaetz asked why hateful critical race theory (CRT) has been woven into the curriculum at West Point.
  • And Gaetz wanted an explanation for forcing soldiers to participate in mandatory training on the use of “preferred pronouns”.

Austin’s response? He accused Congressman Gaetz of being embarrassed by our country and our military.

Gaetz’ response: “No, I’m embarrassed by your leadership!”

Gaetz also blasted Austin for getting it wrong on the embarrassment of Afghanistan and that the Ukraine would fall within hours to Russia.

Click HERE to see the video.

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  1. What a shame that this will never be seen on mainstream media.
    The Austin appointment is perfectly congruent with every other appointment in the Biden administration. Mandatory
    requirements are wokeism and incompetence.

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