The Coming War With China? 4 Things You Should Know [And a Chilling Video, Everyone Must View]

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The video below was created by the Communist Chinese government. It is chilling (see point #2).

The entire Chinese population is being prepared for war. This video is part of the internal propaganda and brainwashing the people are being fed.

They expect the U.S. to be part of that war.

We are the number one obstacle to their desire to have communism dominate the world.

What could be the trigger to the military conflict is the Republic of China – Taiwan.

Taiwan is a free country. It’s a democracy. It respects freedom of the press, speech, and religion. Its largely a free enterprise system providing goods and services worldwide – including the largest chipmaker in the world.

Here are four things you should know…

#1. China is militarily superior to the U.S.

The Chinese military has the most advanced modern weapons, such as the hypersonic missile, weapons better than even the U.S. has.

The hypersonic missiles can destroy any U.S. target – Washington D.C., the Pentagon, Los Angeles, New York, and we are helpless to stop the weapon.

Their military is huge…and it has the largest navy in the world.

The potential of a biological attack, cyber warfare, EMP attacks (see “World Ablaze: 7 Disturbing Reasons America is on the Brink of War [Video]”) are great.

They know how to conduct war to destroy an enemy.

In many ways, it is in the self-interest of communist leader Xi Jinping to consolidate his power and loyalty and take eyes off his economic and social failures.

War against America would do it.

#2. Chilling video.

This Communist Chinese propaganda video shows the seriousness of the Chinese military and its discipline.

Watch it carefully. It’s only 2-minutes long. Click HERE to view.

Then watch these videos that the U.S. uses for its recruitment of soldiers and CIA. Click HERE and HERE to view.

Our military has shown by its failure in Afghanistan and the politicization of the military with its pro-socialist, secular leadership has joined with the Democrats and President Biden to allow the military to go downhill in defense of America.

#3. China is our number one enemy.

While the eyes of the U.S. and the world may be on Russia or Iran, the most dangerous country in the world is Communist China.

Their ideology compels them to want to spread their political system worldwide.

They have been working and planning an intelligent game of domination throughout the world for the last decade.

And because they believe Taiwan is rightfully part of their communist homeland, it’s their major objective.

Since Biden took office…and his massive blunder and failure in Afghanistan showed his weakness and proclivity towards appeasement… Biden has emboldened China so that it feels he could get away with taking over Taiwan without too much damage to China or opposition by the U.S. other than verbal attacks.

Since Biden has been in office and after the Afghanistan blubber, almost 1,000 Communist Chinese jets have invaded the Republic of China airspace to test and intimidate Taiwan and the U.S. and to show that Taiwan has capabilities that would convince us we can’t stop them.

#4. What can you do?

The best thing we can do for this situation is:

  1. Pray. It’s time for prayer. Its time for personal and national repentance.
  2. Encourage your Congressman and Senator to make sure President Biden stands firm on the defense of the Republic of China “Taiwan” against a takeover
  3. It’s important to change Congress in this November election.

You can help do this by:

  • Volunteering for a campaign
  • Voting
  • Helping us elect strong candidates that will not compromise on core principles and have a great chance of beating the pro-social or secular opposition

But to do so, they must get through the primaries.

And that’s how we’re helping them by bringing voters to the right vetted candidates they wouldn’t have had help otherwise.

You can help by donating to the Turn America Around Fund.

Here’s how you can donate:

You can donate by clicking HERE.

You can also donate by calling 1-866-382-2226.

Or you can mail your check to:

ATTN: Media Specialists

2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126 #488

Nashville, TN 37203

Thanks in advance for your help.

Click HERE to see the communist China video.

Click HERE and HERE to see the U.S. recruitment videos.

Also, click HERE to see the news alert of China attacking mock U.S. military…and Mike Pompeo’s response.

I’d love to hear from you.

What do you think about the contrast of the communist Chinese video versus the U.S. video?

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  1. I was very impressed with the Chinese military video. On the other hand, I was NOT at all impressed by the US videos. Not one show of military force and aggression in those videos. Who cares about the recruits private life? That is not the issue here. I pray for our country and hope that we can turn it around beginning with the 2022 elections, if we can overcome voter fraud.

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