Pastor Mike McClure: Standing Up for Religious Liberty Despite Unfair, Continual Persecution – 6 Things Every American Should Know

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Courage to do right.

Standing firm.

Not bowing to Caesar.

These are a few of the terms applicable to Pastor Mike McClure of Calvary Chapel San Jose.

Like hundreds of other pastors, including Pastors John McArthur, Rob McCoy, Jack Hibbs and Ken Graves, these pastors had the courage to stand firm in the face of persecution from government because they refused to close their churches…they opened them in defiance of an unconstitutional mandate.

Sadly, Mike McClure still needs our help and the support of Americans across America in his fight for religious freedom and against anti-Christian government tyranny.

Here are 6 things you should know:

1. The new assault is like a Nazi attack on freedom.

The county of Santa Clara California is still attacking the church, but now in Orwellian ways that strike at the heart of a free country and religious liberty.

Here is some of what they are doing:

  • The county has threatened the church mortgage holder to coerce it into fighting the church.
  • They have intimidated the churches bank into adding to the attack on the church.
  • They have demanded that the church turn over its membership list.
  • They want a list of all volunteers.
  • They are insisting on getting the list of church donors (exposing them to “doxing” and harassment).
  • And they want the church’s financial records…implying the church is operating for profit, not ministry.

2. Now the battle against the church escalates to the state level.

The above should make you mad and sick.

But wait…there’s more.

Just now, Governor Newsom’s California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (the state’s version of the national OSHA) sent a search warrant – yes, a search warrant – to investigate and interrogate the employees.

They want to look at the church’s COVID policies and the Christian school the church operates.

They are looking for a problem.

And any bureaucrat can find a problem – especially a bureaucrat with unlimited financial resources and time to bleed a victim for years.

3. Flashback: Early in the pandemic, Pastor McClure opened his church doors and the persecution began.

California Governor Gavin Newsom imposed lockdown restrictions on people of faith for over a year in California. It was political persecution, not science, that led to outlawing church services, ministry meetings, prayer groups and even home Bible studies.

Newsom’s reign of terror against the church only stopped when the Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled to end the ban on indoor worship.

During this time, pro-socialist Santa Clara County imposed over $3 million in fines against Calvary Chapel San Jose and Pastor McClure for opening its doors.

4. The war against Christians at Calvary Chapel San Jose continued despite the Supreme Court decision.

Churches across California immediately opened up. Those who opened illegally (but not unconstitutionally) had their fines eliminated, their lawyer fees paid for by the county and state governments… and were given compensation.

But not Calvary Chapel-San Jose.

Instead, the county still is trying to collect $3.8 million from the church unfairly.

Further, they still are declaring “indoor gatherings of all kinds risky” though told by the Supreme Court it’s not Constitutional.

5. The pastor’s eye is on Christ.

Despite the attacks and harassment, Pastor McClure and the church is all about teaching God’s Word, ministering to the broken and hurting, serving the community, and advancing the gospel.

They will not give up.

And the church has quadrupled membership since the pandemic. God has blessed their faithfulness.

God is unstoppable, despite the evil intent of the politicians and health bureaucrats.

6. The church needs your prayers.

Please pray for Pastor McClure and his family.

Please pray for the staff and elders.

Please pray for the church fellowship.

And yes, please pray for the church lawyer that they would soon see an end to this injustice and a victory for religious freedom.

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  1. I never thought I would live to see this kind of persecution happening in the USA. Pastor Mike is a humble man of God and needs our prayers and support. Please share

  2. Pastor Mike and his family have served the community WITHOUT scandal or crime. Let’s agree for his victory tomorrow

    Thank You Father!

  3. The last two things left standing in this country against a socialist takeover are evangelical churches and small businesses. That’s why they were the primary targets in the lockdowns.

    Attend and support evangelical churches. As much as possible, buy American-made products from small businesses rather than large corporations.

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