The 2020 Presidential Debate: 4 Key Issues the Media and Most Viewers Didn’t See

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Voters watching the debate were disappointed and shocked by the shouting match… but the media and many viewers overlooked some key issues that were discussed.

Among the clutter of charges and accusations, 4 critical issues for conservatives, libertarians and Christians became apparent:

1. A New Lockdown: Americans are very concerned about a new lockdown. They are very concerned about churches being forced to close.

They are very concerned about the possibility of more job losses and more businesses going bankrupt. They are very concerned about more losses of freedom.

The shocker was Joe Biden’s willingness to have another lockdown – his welcoming of the concept. Trump rejects this idea.

2. Supreme Court: The second major issue that grabbed the voter’s attention is the issue of the Supreme Court.

Amy Coney Barrett is a strict constructionist. Conservatives, libertarians and Christians want to stop the judicial activism of the court – which is undermining free enterprise and religious liberty. Joe Biden being opposed to Judge Barrett was disturbing. But even more disturbing was that he refused to address the issue of “packing” the court by adding additional judicial activist justices in order to undermine the strict constructionist justices Trump has nominated and has gotten confirmed. President Trump opposes increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

3. Pro-life: The third major issue during the debate was the issue of abortion.

Disturbingly, Joe Biden brought the issue up that Trump and his Supreme Court pick would “destroy” women’s rights by stopping the killing of the unborn and protecting innocent life. Biden ignored partial birth abortion and babies born alive. Trump has been the most pro-life president in America’s history.

4. Law and Order: The #1 purpose of the federal government is to protect us from domestic and international threats and violence.

Biden couldn’t name or remember any law enforcement support; Trump has law enforcement support.

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  1. I appreciate the work & time you put into your emails. I like to read what I’ve missed &/or re read what I already know about. Thank you-
    God Bless!

  2. Thank you twig and Shelly for standing strong and helping us know His truth. I’m praying for your whole family BTW, did I miss your CA voter guide and if so, could you pretty please email it again:)
    God bless you and His work,

  3. Thank you Craig. I always look to your voter guide as I know all the work and research you put into it. Keep up the good work. And hold tight to our Christian values.


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