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Our Subscribers Are Telling Us We’ve Been Censored: 3 Simple Ways to Get Around Censorship by Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

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Many subscribers are writing to me that in the last 30 days our newsletter links are being censored. Our tech people are shocked at the censorship.

People click a link on our newsletter—and nothing.

Are you concerned that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be censoring your Internet connection?

ISPs censoring their customers’ Internet connections is something that’s been going on in underdeveloped and totalitarian nations for years. But now, it’s come to America!

We’ve had newsletter subscribers tell us that they’re unable to get to our website when they click on the newsletter links to check out our voter recommendations and newsletter content.

However, most subscribers have been able to get to our sites without any issues.

So why is it that some people aren’t able to get to our site and some are?

Upon further investigation, we found out that some of you are having your Internet connection censored by your ISP.

So if that’s happening to you and you’re not able to get to our website, here are three things that you can do to get around the censorship – plus a bonus tip.

Tactic #1 – Use a Web Proxy

What’s a web proxy?

Imagine that you want to go from one location to an island and you want to travel by car.

So you end up taking a ferry and it takes you to the island.

A web proxy is a ferry that can take you from your computer or phone to a web server so that you can view its content.

There are many different types of web proxies, and many of them are free.

The best one that we’ve tested so far is the one offered by Proxyscrape.

Here’s a link to Proxyscrape’s free web proxy.

All you have to do is type in our website’s address in the address bar and click on the Go button.

Tactic #2 Use Your Phone on 4G or 5G.

You might have some luck using this method, or it might not work for you.

Most censorship that we’ve seen happening is on your home or your business

Wi-Fi or Internet connection.

In some cases, subscribers have been able to view our website when they disconnected from their Wi-Fi, and they used their cell phone’s 4G or 5G connection.

So try disconnecting from your home or business network and using your cell phone connection to see if that works.

Tactic #3 – Use A VPN.

What’s a VPN?

Imagine that you’re traveling by car going to a restaurant and you find that a street is closed.

So you end up taking a detour and using an alternate street.

A VPN is a detour on the Internet that allows you to take alternate routes so that you can view a website.

The additional benefit of using a VPN is that it’s encrypted, so nobody can see any of the traffic that’s going back-and-forth between you and the website.

There are both paid and free versions of VPNs.

Free versions will limit how much data you can use, and they might restrict your speed.

Paid VPNs will give you unlimited data and will be faster.

We’ve compiled the top three free and paid VPNs if you’d like to try them out.

The Best Free VPNs (

1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

2. TunnelBear

3. ProtonVPN Free

The Best Paid VPNs

1. Express VPN

2. Surfshark VPN

3. NordVPN

Bonus Tip

Sue, one of our newsletter subscribers, contacted us to let us know that she couldn’t access our website.

After corresponding with her, we suspected that she was experiencing a censored Internet connection by her ISP.

So, Sue reached out to a friend and asked him if he could visit our site and get her the information she was looking for.

Her friend was able to access our site and sent Sue the information she needed.

Need Help?

If you’re having any trouble getting to our website, you can comment on this article or send us an email. One of our support team members will be happy to help you out.

What do you think? E-mail me at


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  1. Thanks so much for letting me know. I kept wondering what was going on, but thought that our internet was having issues-but when we checked it out, we could see that it was working.

  2. I figured it was censorship when I couldn’t access anything from the last two newsletters. I actually couldn’t access the website directly either. I did wonder if there was something wrong with the website, but I have been able to access it now, and also the link on this newsletter. Next time I’ll try your other suggestions.


  3. My newcomments on Tucker Carlson/Lloyd Austin comments were considered a duplicate once again and not published. IN submitting this my email address was not accepted. I will try another. They were:
    Is Lloyd Austin exercising early leadership of a community that he has served these many years? With leadership comes the support of traditions. Have we jumped the gun, no pun, on both Tucker Carlson and Lloyd Austin? Based on the location of his early childhood in Alabama, I would expect to hear more on the importance of an encompassing ethos of community, God and the Constitution. If these were orders from above, rather than Austin’s beliefs, this would constitute future trouble for the military. Carlson in reaching out to our fears of females and others in the service, he needs to evaluate the Isreali female who is drafted into service or deployed women in R;ussian battalions overseas. Earlier the service began reaching out to the homosexual who may find themselves a possible future home in the military?

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