The #1 Difference Between Trump and Biden

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The political insiders and lobbyists …

The career politicians …

The entrenched, unfireable, ideologically-driven bureaucrats …

All these groups are opposing President Trump … and supporting Joe Biden.

What’s the biggest reason the bureaucrats are trying to embarrass Trump and help Biden?

Take a look:

Trump can’t be controlled by the career politicians, the lobbyists and the political insiders.

Biden can be easily controlled by these groups.

That is the #1 difference.

That’s why they all hate President Trump and want to see him defeated in November.

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  1. Maybe a little simpler: Trump considers citizens customers to be satisfied. Biden considers the government as a means of controlling citizens to the government’s satisfaction.

  2. There are no similarity between President Trump and sleepy Joe Biden.Trump is for freedom and security for all Americans while Biden is for what ever is appropriate at the time that leads to his election. He continues to lie about his past, he is corrupt in his dealings with foreign Governments. As proof of his family life goes, he has raised his son to be a loser and as an addict. Trump in comparison has raised all his Children to be out standing citizens with none being addicted to drugs. Character as a father is a quality that cannot be hidden. Trump has had a great carrier in business, while Biden has 47 years is various political offices with just a smile to hid his inability to perform his job. These two are from different planets!

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