Teachers with Guns: A Good Solution? 7 Things Anti-Gun Advocates and the Media Don’t Want You to Know [Must See Video]

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President Trump has said one solution to school shootings is to allow teachers to be armed in the classroom.

He was mocked for voicing that opinion publicly…

But is it really an unreasonable idea?

John Stossel thinks it’s reasonable … and hundreds of schools already allow their teachers to be armed.

There are about 1000 school districts in the state of Texas … 170 of them allow teachers or administrators to carry a concealed firearm on campus … and many have had this policy for years.

Some schools go so far as to put up large signs on campus informing all who approach any school entrance that there are armed teachers on campus.

It would seem that if such policies and signs prevented even one school shooting … or saved even one life during a shooting incident … everyone would be in favor.

But anti-gun advocates and the media have a different agenda…

Here are 7 things these gun-control groups don’t want you to know.

  1. No one is advocating that teachers be required to have guns in the classroom.

President Trump never said he wanted ALL teachers to be armed…

No one else that favors arming teachers believes that ALL teachers should be armed.

The anti-gun activists and the media love to distort what people say who support the Second Amendment … and who support allowing teachers to have the means to stop a school shooter.

  1. Those who support allowing teachers to be armed believe it should be strictly voluntary.

No one wants to force teachers to be armed if they feel uncomfortable around guns … or if they don’t want the responsibility of engaging a school shooter.

However, many teachers already own guns and have had extensive training in how to take care of them … and how to use them wisely and sparingly.

Some even have concealed carry permits…

It makes sense to allow those teachers to carry their handguns on campus – if they desire to do so…

And some teachers – who don’t already own a gun – may want to be trained by local law enforcement on the care and use of firearms.

  1. An exhaustive study has shown that murder rates rise in every place where guns are banned.

Gun control advocates … anti-gun activists … and the progressive media all want you to think that banning guns from schools will stop mass school shootings from happening.

But just the opposite is true…

Criminals don’t obey gun restrictions or prohibitions…

Gun-free zones encourage criminals with guns to commit gun violence.

The Crime Prevention Resource Center has the numbers to prove it.

  1. Armed teachers don’t put students at risk of being shot accidentally.

Contrary to the fearmongering of the anti-gun activists … there has been no instance of a student being shot by an armed teacher…

Nor has there been an incident in which a student stole a teacher’s gun and shot someone with it.

  1. There is no “epidemic” of mass school shootings.

The government doesn’t maintain accurate statistics of mass school shootings … only private research organizations track school shootings.

There isn’t even a standard definition of what constitutes a mass school shooting.

Crime Prevention Research Center statistics show that school shootings kill fewer students than:

  • Driving
  • Suicide
  • Drowning
  • Accidental suffocating
  1. If school safety is really a top priority, every idea proposed to increase the safety of students should be thoughtfully considered and debated.

The anti-gun lobby dismisses out of hand any proposal to arm teachers … no rational debate is allowed…

Only slogans such as, “Teachers should teach, not be required to ‘protect and serve’” are offered as reasons not to allow them to have handguns on campus.

  1. Allowing teachers to be armed on campus is a deterrent to school shootings.

The anti-gun lobby claims that teachers with handguns have no chance of stopping a school shooter with an assault rifle…

But they have a better chance of stopping a shooter than if they have no weapon at all…

Nine states have passed laws authorizing teachers to be armed … and several school districts in other states have authorized arming some teachers.

There have been no reported incidents of a successful shooting in schools where teachers have been armed.

John Stossel looked at both sides of the issue of teachers having handguns on school campuses…

He presented an excellent 5 ½-minute report. Watch it by clicking here:


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  1. Absolutely. Teachers should be armed. Have you heard of any hijackings of airplanes since pilots can be armed and some have an armed officer on board? Same with schools and also churches. I believe all should have banners or signs stating the area is not a gun free zone. As a deterrent. I believe more concealed weapons should be allowed in the schools by trained personnel and also at churches. Along with signs stating it is a gun free zone at churches too. My sister in law’s large church in Austin, Texas locks the doors after the service begins on Sunday mornings. And at gatherings where large crowds are more people should carry.

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