New and Disturbing TV Commercial: Destroying or Transforming Our Politics and Culture [Video]

Craig Huey California 4 Comments

TV commercials and videos can be transformational in

  • Communicating ideas
  • Persuading a target audience…

… or they can be a bust.

I’ve created over 400 TV commercials and video informercials for clients of my ad agency.

I can tell you from experience that some TV commercials can be powerful … and some a waste of money.

Do they successfully create a database?

Do they undermine the opposition?

Do they change opinions?

Do they motivate action?

If they simply make you smile … or take notice … but you then move on to the next activity, they fail.

Here is a new TV commercial – one commercial out of a series – progressive billionaire Tom Steyer is using for the 2018 election.

It’s only 60 seconds long…

Click here to watch … then let me know what you think.

Also, to combat this, can you please help us by donating $10 for our next video effort? It’s aimed at motivating 30 million Christians who don’t vote … to vote in this year’s midterm election.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. We are confused about the ads about Cox, negative things that disturb us very much, i.e., his past connections/activities/business in Chicago including being a Chicago lawyer, Cox saying that he was lining up with Brown, changed his mind about the wall and is now against it, etc, etc. Are these true or false ads/information?

  2. I think it is such a shame that it gas come to this. The progressives, do they realize they are promoting hate? Making it mom’s fault? I just have no words for this.

  3. I am shocked that the leftist can publish anything this untrue. I know they are full of hate but this ad is stooping too low. It doesn’t sound like America. It sounds like some 3rd world country and I’m afraid that is what is happening to us by not upholding our immigration laws.

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