The War on Christianity Escalates: Easter Church Slaughter – 8 Things Every American Should Know

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Three churches filled with Easter worshippers blown up… Three hotels where many Christians had traveled to celebrate … bombed. Over 300 worshippers … murdered by radical Islamist terrorists. Here are 8 things every American should know about what’s happening to people of faith around the world. Christians and other religious minorities are being specifically targeted by terrorists. The Christian population …

Christian Persecution on the Rise [Petition]

Christian Persecution on the Rise [Petition]

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Christians are being slaughtered. Families torn apart. Fathers killed. Mothers raped, and children forced to watch these barbaric acts right front of them! It’s turning into a daily occurrence in our world. Today, 75% of the world’s population suffers without religious freedom. And Christians are particularly targeted! Systematic mass-murder of Christians is becoming the norm. In one year alone 2,400 …