Standing Up for Truth: My Interview on the Bill Martinez Show [Audio]

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I just completed a radio interview on the Bill Martinez show, which is broadcast throughout the U.S.

Bill started the interview with several key points:

  • People are starting to take a stand since they saw what happened in the 2020 election.
  • You have the majority of Republicans, around the 70% range, that think something doesn’t feel right about the election.
  • But we are being told by social media and the dogmatic politicians that we are thinking incorrectly.

I responded that the calls for “re-education” by the politicians and media are trying to create fear – a fear about standing up for what is right and for freedom and for truth.

I said we can’t let the Deep State bureaucrats control our lives, and that these bureaucrats have tasted victory. It doesn’t matter if they win with truth or honesty or integrity – they just want to win.

Bill also said people are wondering if this was a free and fair election and how this will affect elections in the future as you compromise the integrity of the entire process. 

I said the good news is that there is now awareness of election integrity like never before.

If illegal issues and voter fraud took place, it must be proven in a court of law. Until it is proven in court, it can’t be proven.

Yet I am confident it will make its way to court.

For example, there is now a lawsuit about the 433,000 people in California who are dead, moved away, or who are no longer at a house, receiving a ballot in this last election. This happened in other places all over the U.S.

It’s prime for voter fraud.

I concluded that we cannot be so disappointed in the last election that we don’t stand up for truth.

We are now seeing an incredible push by the government and by this new administration towards socialism and away from free enterprise – and we must stand up against it.

Click HERE to listen to the first part of my interview and HERE to listen to the second part.

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