Doctor: Evaluating the Risk/Reward of Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination [TV Interview/Video]

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny gives one of the best short explanations of the three COVID-19 vaccinations.

Should you get a vaccination?

What are the risks?

In life, everything is a risk/reward evaluation.

For some, they don’t want to know about the risk of the vaccination. They just want it as fast as they can get it.

For others, the president said to get it, so they will comply.

For others, their doctor, pastor, friends, or relatives say get it, so they will.

But others want to know about the risks.

They know COVID has a 99.8% survival rate overall.

They know over 40 million Americans already have had COVID-19 and are not now contagious.

They know that over 75 million have received a vaccine.

They know herd immunity has started and will soon provide fewer cases.

But should you take the shot if you haven’t yet?

Why are millions refusing?  Why are there concerns with side effects?

Why do those doctors in alternative medicine largely say don’t take it?

Why do some 40% of the healthcare workers refuse to take it?

Why has YouTube banned 30,000 videos of those doctors and health experts who question it or talk against taking it?

Why do Google, Instagram, and Facebook ban/delete content critical of the shots?

Should you do it?

If you took it, what should you know now?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny appeared on Daystar TV, a Christian network.

Here is her powerful interview that gives a clear, concise review of the risks of the vaccines and the differences between them.

Click here to view the video, around 25 minutes.

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  1. I’ve always felt that all the fear-mongering about this virus, along with the lockdowns, the masking the social distancing and the immense push to get this vaccine to every single human had a very evil element to it! These videos just further that conviction, along with the fact they want experiment on babies and children who are not affected by this virus! We’re being used by the Global Elitist in one of the most inhumane and cruel experiments I’ve ever seen, it rivals the evil of Hitler!

  2. Unfortunately the video won’t play after hitting the play button. I tried finding it elsewhere but couldn’t come up with anything.

    I just received my second Moderna vaccine, both without incident except for experiencing ‘covid arm’ with the first shot, seven days later. Cleared up in about five days.

    The only thing I know is that I’ve received every childhood immunization during my lifetime and I’ve never had any of the diseases they were designed to prevent.

    I will say though, that I wouldn’t take the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because apparently it did use fetal tissues. I’ve heard the other two had at least an old link to fetal tissue too, but when you read the background of it and find that it’s so far removed from today’s vaccines, I didn’t feel I was compromising.

    As for vaccines in general, I had a cousin who died before I was born, he got tetnus from a rusty nail. The tetnus shot existed but was not widely available at the time.

    I also had a brother in law, quite a bit older than me, but he survived polio before the vaccine was developed.

    I did a fair amount of research on the covid vaccines, but not exhaustive, but enough so that I felt comfortable with it.

    I do have about four friends that are definitely anti-vaxxer’s, but that’s their choice.

    1. Sometimes, we (dorky acting), believers have a knee jerk reaction to things too quick. But I would say that the effort that pharm, and social media is putting out squashing opposition is suspect. Good post though.

  3. It’s amazing the attitude and shaming for questioning the vaccine, masks, the election results, racism and more. Imagine the pressure for trib saints to take the mark later. I am in no way comparing the vaccine to the mark. Although I think this is a pre-curser. And I take flu vaccine, and really the only reason I question the COVID vaccine is the lack of research and some reported, (or unreported), side effects. The fetal cell generation are far removed now, but I understand that is a concern for some. (FYI , I’m pro life). It seems all the deceptions and corruption, and narratives all come as a package. A leftist, ant-Christ, anti family package and from one party. The death rates from COVID do not seem to justify the fear and economic shutdowns we have endured. The left states have definitely hoisted their true colors on this one. Here in Israel, the green pass is needed to dine in, and go to the gym and other venues. As an American, who travels a lot, I’ll have a decision to make.

  4. There is much to be said regarding the vaccines. Feel the political nature that has surrounded the 2020/2021 period that we are in and that Covid 19 a(plan-demic) and that there is proof (Event 201) where meeting were held with WHO, China, and very rich elites from US, Bill Gates, Fauci, etc. to decide how to handle a pandemic. It is rather curious that we have a vaccine over a year later with no FDA approval and the virus was in the US in Nov-Dec of 2019.
    We have cured most cancers, heart disease, kidney disease and so on because everyone who died, died with Covid-19.
    I think it’s a bit crazy to put something in my body that has not been proven and tested and may do more damage than good.
    I am a Christian and don’t think that this represents the mark of the Beast but perhaps an Avenue that may lead that direction.
    Bill Gates and the “Green New Deal” are working hard to reduce the world’s population. Truth hurts and people should pay attention. As a believer, things will likely get difficult.

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