Unfair Government Bureaucrats Get Huge Financial Favor in Biden’s Stimulus

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The federal bureaucrats….the swamp…the Deep State….just got a big bonus.

Hidden in the stimulus bill, these federal employees get an extra perk no one else gets.

They get up to 15 weeks of paid leave if a government worker’s child is in remote learning at school.

Remember, during the pandemic, private sector jobs disappeared or were cut back on time and pay.

But not government jobs.

They were essential.

Even government (public) school teachers received full pay and benefits at taxpayers’ expense. Those teachers and school administrators requesting to not work, still get paid.

Millions of parents have kids in remote learning.

But federal employees are being treated as an elite class.

And don’t forget, the average federal employee gets $110,000 a year….that’s the average.

Many get $200,000 or more.

There are more than 2 million federal workers. There are over 18,000 getting salaries of over $200,000 – and with this special benefit.

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  1. This is so misleading. What are the jobs? What are the qualifications? My cousin worked for the federal government. She had two masters degrees. She was more qualified than most of the population. It took her years to make $100k, and she could have worked for more in the private sector, but she was committed to making the country better. Most people who go into public service are committed to making life better for people, especially people on Main street. I don’t think it is the government workers who are unfair.

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