Special Notices for Readers

Special Notices for Readers

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Special Notice for All Readers:

I want to tell you about our voter recommendations for the elections in your area.

In order to send you the information, I need to know what zip code area  you live in.

Just send me an email at craig@craighuey.com and type in your zip code at the top … it’s that easy!

Special Notice for California Readers:

Religious liberty is under attack in California.

SB 1146 would severely limit the Title IX exemptions which Christian colleges claim in order to teach and advance their beliefs. It would also force Christian colleges to announce their exemption status and open them up to severe liability.

Christian colleges would have to give up their core religious convictions, sponsor homosexual activities like same-sex weddings on their campuses, and even allow biological men to use women’s facilities on these colleges!

And you can be sure, the progressive left in California won’t stop with Christian colleges.

Sign the petition below, and tell your legislators to Oppose SB 1146!

Click here

If you have any other questions, please contact me at


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