Strategies for Accumulating Wealth through Corruption, Influence, and Power

How to Become Rich from Corruption, Influence, and Power

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Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are disgusted about the corruption of the political elite.

Let me give you an example. Wikileaks released private recordings and details of Hillary Clinton’s $100,000-plus a plate dinner. At that event, the Hillary camp offered jobs and political access to donors if she was elected.

This is absolutely corrupt. This shows how money buys influence and power.

Democracy … sold to the highest bidder?

David Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” exposes how Bill and Hillary get around bribery laws through exorbitant speaking fees.

Before Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, Bill Clinton would get paid around $200,000 per speech to foreign dignities and interest groups.

After Hillary’s appointment, he was raking in $700,000 a speech. Sometimes he would give two speeches at the same event!

Then certain favors sought by foreign governments connected with the hosting firms would get a problem solved right away.

  1. Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien wanted a grant to build a cellphone network in Haiti. He sponsored a speech from Bill Clinton in Jamaica for $225,000. Then four months later, got the first of four installments for the grant.
  2. The Haitian government offered a gold-mining contract to VCS Mining, even though the company has no experience with mining. But … Hillary’s Brother Tony Rodham works for the company.
  3. A Swedish company, Ericsson, was facing increased scrutiny from the state Department because of its agreements with rogue nations. Following a paid speaking engagement from Bill Clinton ($750,000 for a twenty-minute speech), the State Department seven days later issued a statement that they would end all further investigations into the company.


Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can agree on one thing: pay-for-play corruption must end.

For more information on the DNC Wikileaks, click here:

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  1. Obama’s approval is 54% now. It’s almost same high as the very popular president, Ronald Regan. Speechlessly, it’s idiotic. What has happened to America? Why are people getting idiotic?

    How about Republican side? It’s terrible and a total disaster. The man like snake oil sales man high jacked the party and bluffing to the true conservatives. Idiotically, Trump said he doesn’t need support from core conservatives. So Good luck, Mr. Dingbat Donald.

    1. Trump said he doesn’t need support from core conservatives, huh? He also said he will totally fund his own campaign. I wonder then, why do I keep getting emails and mailings from him, begging for campaign contributions? How did we get to this place where out of around 16 people running for this office, we wound up with him? The only one scarier than him is Clinton. I pray God will protect our nation from both of them.

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