Special California Recall Election: National Implications and Powerful Endorsement

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The California recall election is a potential tsunami….crushing tyranny in California and across America.

That’s what I just called it on a national interview…because this is an epic election of historical significance.

Below is my discussion of the election…and a powerful endorsement for one candidate…with Christian attorney Brad Dacus (Click HERE).

Why should you watch it?

First because what Brad says every American should hear.

Second, you can then share this with family and friends in California.

If Gavin Newsom is recalled…and a conservative/libertarian elected…the consequences on national politics will be profound.

It will show what can happen even in pro-Socialist states in stopping the madness.

The California recall will lead to a historic change not only in the other state governments, but in Congress and the Senate.

Watch the video. Click HERE. It’s only about 7-minutes long.

Then please send this to every person who lives in California you know.

The time is now.

This is possible.

Thanks in advance.

Also, for our full endorsement statement, go to www.craighuey.com and see our voter guide.

What do you think? Let me know at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. Craig-You are amazing! I thank you on behalf of all the conservatives in this county. You are SO needed and appreciated. Thank you and your precious wife for all you do for us!

    God bless and protect you,
    Judy Linck

  2. i Also think you are wonderful and certainly playing on the RIGHT team.
    You know all the dirt on the bad actors ,
    And try to warn the conservative of things to come. Thanks for what you do . I’m very loyal to the cause myself.

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