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The Socialized Medicine (Medicare for All) Big Lie: A Sure-Fire Way to Destroy the Quality of Your Medical Care [Surprising Video]

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It’s a big lie…

The politicians, the progressive media and social media are misleading many people about government-run health care – socialized medicine.

They give it great names:

  • Medicare for All
  • Obamacare
  • Free Medical Care

But it’s a big lie.


Because socialist politicians and the media are very good at appealing to people’s emotions by telling stories about folks who were denied insurance coverage or who suffered because of a family health tragedy.

No one wants that to happen.

But the solution isn’t a government run medical care system.

If you believe government bureaucrats sitting in cushy offices in high-rise office buildings with triple-digit salaries really care whether you or your loved ones receive the medical care and services you desire, you are sadly mistaken.

It’s like turning your doctor’s office into the DMV – long lines, poor service and no innovation or technological improvements.

All they want is more taxpayer dollars to fund their “cost of living” pay raises … and more power to regulate your life and the life of your care providers.

Here are just a few of the consequences of socialized medicine:

  • Rationed health care services – the government will tell you what medical tests you can have and what treatment(s) you may receive.
  • Rationed health care providers – the government will control how many and what type of doctors are allowed to service a particular area … and how much money they are allowed to earn.
  • Loss of new cures and therapies – the spirit of entrepreneurship that forms new medical practices and discovers new treatments and new medications will be killed off by government restrictions and regulations.
  • Loss of freedom for patients to be able to choose their own personal doctor.
  • Loss of freedom for doctors – more red tape. Thanks to Obamacare, doctors today are drowning in rules, regulations and red tape.
  • A new government-run monopoly – the government will become not only the “single payer” for medical care, but also the “single employer” of medical care providers.
  • Loss of free-market competition – this will result in no incentive or motivation for doctors to enter the medical profession or to provide quality medical care … and new ways to help you.
  • Government price controls – this will result in a shortage of doctors and long delays for appointments … and long wait times at care providers.

When government takes over and controls any market, shortages occur in that market … and the quality of the market product declines.

And when government takes over one market, it soon takes over another … and another … and another … until one day, the entire economy and culture is socialistic.

The reality is, the less government is involved, the better your health care will be.

What has made American healthcare so great – and so innovative – over the past 100 years has not been because of government intervention … but because of freedom.

Listen to this audio of Ronald Reagan speaking about the dangers of socialized medicine long before he became Governor of California or President of the United States (11 ½ minutes).

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