Shocking College Brainwashing: Students Prefer ISIS Flag Rather than American Flag [Disturbing Video]

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Indoctrination camps…

That’s what college campuses have become.

The shocking brainwashing is impacting a generation – and creating an army of misled students…

Let me give you an example.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz recently went on the campus of UC Berkeley holding a huge American flag … and calling out slogans to American greatness.

Students passing by spewed mostly negative comments such as:

  • “The one imperial power in the world.”
  • “It signifies military rule.”
  • “God is not proud of us.”
  • Your flag sucks, fool.”

Other comments were laced with 4-letter words not fit to reproduce in this newsletter.

Horowitz then paraded around campus waving an ISIS flag and touting the praises of ISIS and criticizing the U.S. Students made comments like:

  • “Good for you, man. Good for you.”
  • “I love that you’re saying that.”

In 2 hours, Horowitz only heard one student say anything critical about ISIS or about what he was doing.

What’s most disturbing about the anti-American sentiments on university campuses like UC Berkeley is that many of these same students will become career government bureaucrats in the State Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Justice and other federal government agencies.

Many others will become teachers or college professors … or will hold other positions of influence in which they will spread their anti-American views.

Watch this disturbing video of the reactions of UC Berkeley students to the American flag versus the ISIS flag (3 minutes).

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