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Shocking Inefficiency: How the Deep State Stymies Infrastructure Improvements [Video]

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Improving our nation’s infrastructure should be a bipartisan issue.

After all, everyone wants better and safer roads and bridges … and everyone wants to reduce the carbon emissions produced by the rail and trucking industries, right?

Apparently not…

A shocking new video reveals that two political groups are delaying and sometimes halting the completion of infrastructure projects in the U.S. … and at the same time causing the cost per mile of the projects to soar:

  • Environmental groups
  • Labor unions

Why are politicians powerless to ignore the whining and complaining of these groups … and powerless to overrule their protests and other delay tactics?

Because these groups are major donors to the reelection campaigns of career politicians. They stand to lose major endorsements and campaign contributions unless they cave in to the lobbyists’ demands.

This is one more good reason why term limits for Congressional Representatives and Senators is essential if “the swamp” is ever going to be drained.

Watch: Why Can’t America Fill a Pothole? (5 minutes).

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