The Obama Legacy No One Talks About: The Deep State Transformation of America [Audio]

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When Barack Obama was running for president in 2008, he said he wanted to “fundamentally transform America.”

Curiously, no one asked him the 2 basic questions such a statement should have generated:

  1. What did he intend to transform America to?
  2. How did he intend to bring about the transformation?

Now that Obama is no longer president, the answers to these questions are becoming clear.

Obama wanted to create a quasi-socialistic America with wealth redistribution as its central operating philosophy.

And he wanted to accomplish this by creating a massive regulatory bureaucracy – a Deep State network of anti-business, anti-free-market executive-branch government agency appointees.

I recently talked about this in an interview on the Bill Martinez Live radio show.

We talked about the Deep State and how the government bureaucrats are fighting tooth and nail to resist President Trump and continue the “fundamental transformation” of America that was begun during the Obama administration.

You can listen to the Deep State segment of my interview here.

You can also access the podcast of the entire interview here.

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  1. Craig, please consider running for office again. I work with hundreds of democrats on my job who have walked away from the party. I think california Democrats by the millions had had enough. I pray God raise up his army to run for elected offices. We need christains like you to run. We must continue to pray against rigged voting. I am praying for Gods justice. The atmosphere is changing.

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