Educational Options: Trump versus Clinton

School Choice: Trump vs. Clinton

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The only hope for turning education around to serve students and parents is school choice.

Control of education must rest at the local level.

Schools must abandon Common Core.

What is the Number One obstacle to these reforms?

The Teachers Unions!

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) takes money away from hard-working educators to find causes, candidates, and initiatives which teachers do not support, and in many cases actually hurt teachers professionally, morally, and even financially.

For Election 2016, The AFT has donated over $2.2 million to the Clinton campaign.

Left-wing think tanks and activist groups like The Center for Popular Democracy have received $373,000.

Al Sharpton’s Action Network and La Raza each received $25,000.

What other groups get big money from School Unions?

Clinton Foundation$250,000
Clinton Global Initiative$250,000
Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee$200,000
Democratic National Convention CEO Leah Daughtry$180,972


By far, no conservative groups receive major donations from the teachers unions.

For a clear perspective on the left-wing slant of the partisan divide, AFRT has given $76,446,797 to Democrats and liberals, but only $363,000 to Republicans.

And the unions give away all this money, even though a majority of union members are actually conservative.

Many of them support reforms like school choice and the end of tenure laws, too!

Once again: who do you think is getting most of the Big Teachers Union money?

Hillary Clinton!

Check out the candidates’ stance on School Choice here.

Check out our Comparison Chart for the candidates on Common Core here.

What do you think? How does this information affect your vote?

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