Satire Fact from Fiction: The Media’s Effort to Destroy the Babylon Bee [Video]

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The Babylon Bee is brilliant.

It’s satire that’s powerful.

It’s powerful because it reflects truths.

It’s powerful because it’s persuasive in the way it’s poking fun at current events while at the same time clarifying truth versus fiction.

It’s powerful because it creates a dialogue among people who disagree with something that they can discuss in a simple way.

But the biased media has been on a rampage against the Babylon Bee.

Attack articles have spread across the airways and the Internet.

Threatened by the power of the Babylon Bee, they are trying to create a false narrative that it distorts truth.

That accusation couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s satire, and anybody who reads it, knows it.

The New York Times said, “The Babylon Bee, a right-leaning website, frequently trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire.”

Give me a break.

The first is an attack on its political leaning, but the poison is that it “frequently trafficked in misinformation.”

This is being repeated over and over.

Why are they doing this?

Partially because they can’t stand the Babylon Bee and they would like to destroy it and not have people read it.

But the real reason is that they hope there will be such an uproar against it that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the rest will de-platform the Babylon Bee.

They have already been suspended by Big Tech a number of times, but they have always been brought back with an apology that it was a “mistake.”

Here are two things you should know.

1. Watch this interview with Shannon Bream interviewing the CEO of the Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon, HERE.

This is a great 4-minute interview that sheds truth and light on this issue.

2. If you have never read the Babylon Bee, let me share with you a couple of its recent posts and encourage you to enjoy a good laugh:

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