Reality Check: Declining Credibility and Influence of Movie Stars, Musicians, and Celebrities

Reality Check: Movie Stars, Musicians, Celebrities Losing Credibility and Influence [Video]

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Nobody cares.

Laugh … or cry? Or both?

For years, the Hollywood elite have raised millions of dollars for liberal Democrats. The Hollywood elite for years have discriminated against conservatives who might be in Hollywood.

The Hollywood elite have no sense of reality, of economics, or understanding of protection of individual rights.

It’s this group of people who have tried to brainwash the youth, create political and social engineering in their moves and songs and TV shows, and have believed that if they made political endorsements, that the people would follow.

TO their shock did this not happen. To their trauma, this did not occur in 2016.

The Katy Perrys, the Warren Beattys, the Barbara Streisands raised millions, sang songs, went to rallies, and few cared.

In their latest desperate attempt to sway the election, a group of celebrities asked the Republican electors to change their vote.

It worked as well as asking voters to vote for Hilary.

Check the video below:

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  1. I’m wondering why all of a sudden the left is bringing up the importance of the Constitution, while for the last eight years they sat by and watched Obama abuse it, try and destroy it, and do everything against it, yet, said NOTHING! They are pathetic.

    1. Exactly Marco! These people are highly-paid hypocrites. They say they “respect” the Electoral College and the Constitution, BUT THEY DON’T! Talk about double-minded. THIS is why these “celebrities” are not listened to. They need to take a course in American History and Civics. Lord Have Mercy!

  2. They aren’t losing ground but they serve the wrong master. Believe me they are now thinking of other ways to infiltrate and bring down the conservative right who think of basics and morals.
    Recently I attended a movie called “Sloan” about a lobbyist in Washignton DC and the story was around gun violence. “I walked out!” The main reason I did this was an inkling that I think the DNC thoguth they were gonna win the election. That movie was about gun violence and the second amendment and if the one person that was favored by the DNC had won the election, (not naming her) that movie would have been a stepping stone closer for getting rid of our right to bear arms.
    Sad. Really sad.
    maybe I was wrong, but I got sick to the stomach and left,.

  3. Although I don’t usually agree with these celebrities, this time I agree that Donald Trump is not qualified, in many ways, to be the POTUS.
    I hope he will prove me wrong.

  4. they certainly have with me and many I know. Not because we disagree with their choice of candidate, but the crude and insulting behavior, the outrageous comments, the degree of elitism they have displayed… the lack of awareness or concern many have shown, not only of current issues but of the economy, crime levels effecting neighborhoods, loss of employment, expanding cost of living, and their proud ignorance of and willingness to distort history (as if the rest of the public could not know better?).
    I became so tired of seeing their middle fingers, their hostile faces and their insults, I decided to not give money to any of those who have contempt for the public who enable them to live their lifestyle of fame and comfort.
    The same arrogance and disdain displayed by political leaders who live nicely on our tax dollars while many of us struggle increasingly… was proudly displayed by many entertainment elite…
    Not only did their candidate insult Trump followers (originally, he was not my choice, but being uncomfortable with their excesses I sought out more honest media sources) but the hollywood crowd and liberal media escalated insults carelessly as the election progressed. Anyone familiar with the “madness of crowds” recognized the “gang” mindlessness in the process.
    They still do not realize how it worked against them…. It was a pathetic but enlightening display, that has not ceased as they continue to bully those who will not bend to their will…

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