Presidential Candidate Comparison Chart: Religious Freedom and Social Issues

Presidential Candidate Comparison Chart: Religious Freedom and Social Issues

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This week, we look at the increasingly hot topic of religious freedom and social issues.

Next week we will compare economic and job creation issues between the Presidential candidates.


Cultural IssuesHillary ClintonDonald


Protection of Christian

Business Owners (see below)

Protection of Christian Government EmployeesNoYes
Biblical prayer and witnessing in the militaryNoYes
Fairness Doctrine (see below)YesNo
Tax Exemption for Churches?Yes
Christian Colleges forced to abandon their beliefs (see below)YesNo
Stop Human TraffickingYesYes
Johnson Amendment

(see below)

Election 2016 (Credit: Baylor Lariot)

Election 2016 (Credit: Baylor Lariot)

And just to serve as a reminder …

Protection of Christian Business Owners: For the sake of their conscience, Christian business owners should not be forced to provide serves for same-sex weddings or other activities which violate their Biblical views on life, marriage, etc. Hillary Clinton would still force these individuals to provide those services, or face fines, jail-time, even bankruptcy. Donald Trump wants to protect the rights of these businesses to decide which activities they participate in.

The Fairness Doctrine would require equal time for both points of view on any transmission or communications station. For example, a conservative radio station would have to permit equal time for discussion for liberal viewpoints. So if radio stations attack Obamacare, the radio stations must provide equal free time for the opposite point of view. The Fairness Doctrine will kill conservative and Christian radio.

As for the attacks Christian colleges, currently they are facing pressure from the federal government, accreditation boar ds, and state governments to abandon their beliefs on life, marriage, gender, and sexuality or lose Title IX exemption status, lose grants, or face closure. Clinton has declared that religious beliefs will have to change, will have to adapt to “progressive” mores. Donald Trump wants to protect freedom of conscience for all colleges and students.

The Johnson Amendment currently forces churches to stay silent on key political issues, and forbids them from discussing endorsements for candidates or causes. Otherwise, churches lose their tax-exemption status. Trump wants to repeal the Johnson Amendment, while Clinton has no interest in changing or removing it from the tax code. Read here for more information.

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  1. Interesting that in actual practice, minority churches supporting democrat candidates seem to be exempt from the Johnson Amendment. Just another case of selective enforcement by the corrupt IRS benefiting the democrats.

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