Obamacare: Experiencing a Collapse and Deterioration

Obamacare: Crashing and Burning

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Mike Pence has attacked it.

Donald Trump pledges to repeal it.

Now, even the Democrats are struggling to defend it.

Bill Clinton, the former President and husband of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has called Obamacare “crazy.”

Check out the video regarding “The unraveling of Obamacare“:

And now the architect of Obamacare—Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel—has been confronted over the skyrocketing premiums.

And in many cases prospective insurance purchasers can only purchase from one insurance company: no choice, high prices, and getting worse.

Check out “ObamaCare architect confronted over rising premiums“:

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  1. Basically, everybody knew this was going to happen, and quite frankly, the federal government couldn’t be more happier. It opens the door to the “single payer” system which is why the chaos is happening. Obama and his ilk knew exactly what they were doing: there would be a full government take-over of the nations’ healthcare system with the purposes of redistribution of wealth, complete control of our lives including our individual medical histories, and taxes, more and more taxes; massive tax increases on everybody who pays taxes. It is his crowning glory if I may say, of him furthering his agenda to “fundamentally change America.” Voila!! Here it is! He knew the initial implemented system would not work for long because it wasn’t designed to work. What most of the nation feared the most has come upon us.

    Will the people of this nation never learn? You truly get what you vote for and elections really do have consequences–dire consequences for years to come. May God have mercy on America.

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