Be Part of the Solution for Transforming America: Attend My Political & Cultural Transformation Boot Camp

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Too many conservatives, libertarians and Christians just don’t get it…

Conservative candidates and organizations act like its 2000, not 2019. The Democrat socialists – on the other hand – are acting like it’s 2019. They are already organizing and mobilizing for the 2020 presidential election.

So … I want you to know how we can win, not lose in the next few years.

I specifically selected you to come to my special boot camp – free of charge – called Political & Cultural Transformation Boot Camp.

It’s 5 hours of concise, actionable advice that will help you be far more effective in everything you do.

This Boot Camp will give you the most advanced roadmap to the most effective marketing, advertising and organizing. Strategies to win elections, mobilize groups, and achieve success in your group, church or organization.

I have included the agenda below, but I wanted to let you hear what some of the other attendees have said:

  • Hi Craig,

I wanted to thank you for Wednesday. It was mind opening, to say the least, how marketing, media and constant revision are so essential to any organization’s growth and revenue…including campaigns. I wish we could have videoed the session. I’ve already talked to my team on what we can do to implement.

You’re a great blessing my friend!

Brian La Spada

Calvary Chapel Malibu

  • As the public relations director for a non-profit religious liberties legal defense organization as well as a for-profit law firm, attending CDM’s Marketing Bootcamp provided several useful tools to more effectively promote both organizations. The marketing expertise and direction CDM shared with us ranged from keeping up to date on email, website and social media trends to writing news and fundraising letters, tips for branding, and more.  Much of what I learned was able to be put to use the very next day! I look forward to learning more about the services CDM and their friendly staff offer and would recommend them to any organization.

Desaré Ferraro

Public Relations Director

Advocates for Faith & Freedom

and Tyler & Bursch, LLP

  • Hi Craig,

Just a quick thank you for including me in your bootcamp.

I learned more than I would have ever imagined.

Best regards,

Gina Gleason

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Only a select group of organizational leaders, pastors, and candidates have been asked to come. I hope you can make it.

When and Where:

The Boot Camp will be held on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 from 9am to 3pm in my offices at the corner of Western Avenue and Torrance Boulevard in Torrance, California.

Seating is limited – only 24 spots available.  Call Sandra today at 310-212-5727 to reserve your spot. Or, if you can’t call her right now, email her at so we can hold a space for you.

For businesses such as Quickbooks and Unisys, I would normally charge a minimum of $5,000 for this training, but for YOU, there’s no cost. I’ve prepared this to help you more effectively communicate and ignite change.

Here’s the agenda:

Purpose: To train you on what is working in today’s marketplace to transform our culture and politics.

1. Why the Socialists and Left Wins, and We Don’t
a.       The new reality: Acting like 2000 vs. 2020
b.       What Happened in 2018…and why
c.       How Obama transferred politician’s social mobilization
d.       The Organized assault on our values
e.        #1 Key to Success

2. How the Conservative Christians and Libertarians were Wiped Out

a.       Ballot harvesting-what it is and how we can use it ourselves
b.       Shocking. Expose of strategy formula
c.       Results: this will make you sick

3. Reality of Politics and Organizations Today

a.       Message
b.       Training
c.       Organization

d.       Marketing

e.       Strategy

4. How a Small Minority Wins Big Because of Their Marketing and Advertising Strategies
a.       The Message
b.       Microtargeting
c.       Database

d.       Polls

e.       Petitions

5. How Trump Won
a.       Against all odds
b.       The Surprise
c.       Character vs. Issue
d.       Cash
 6.     Key: Branding & Positioning
a.       Who are you to the community
b.       How to do your best brand and position yourself
 7.     Resist Movement – How They Do it
a.       Wording
b.       Strategy & Tactics
c.       Indivisible – the Bible of the left
 8.     The Evangelical Miracle
a.       Mobilizing the Church
b.       Pastors
c.       Church Members
 9.     How the Left Wins Time after Time: Transforming the Culture
a.       What is the #1 blunder organizations, candidates and churches make?
b.       What is scientific advertising?
10.    Anti-Marketing Madness: Revised Website Strategy

11.    New Breakthroughs in Stopping Cart Abandonment Raising Donations

13.    Remarketing/Retargeting – The Most Powerful Market Tool
a.       Google
b.       Facebook
c.       What should we be doing?
14.    Facebook Targeting
a.       What should we be doing?
15.    Banner Ads
a.       What should we be doing?

16. Geofencing Marketing
17. Videolog: The Powerful Merging of Video and Direct Mail
18. The Digital Video Explosion
19. Death of TV
a.       Hillary vs. Trump
b.       What should we be doing?
20. Google TrueView & Pre-Rolls
a.       Every church, candidate and organization should do it
b.       What should we be doing?
21. The Rules of Email are Changing
a.       Prospecting
b.       Integrated
c.       Conversion
22. Direct Mail Resurgence
a.       Newsalog
b.       Magalog
c.       Envelope
d.       Informed Delivery
e.       Direct Mail Remarketing
23. Mobile Marketing
a.       Texting: Trump vs. Hillary
b.       What should we be doing?
24. Advanced Data Modeling/Lists
25. The New Integrated Marketing
a.       What should we be doing?
26. Look-a-like Audiences
a.       Direct Mail
b.       Google
c.       Facebook
d.       Pre-Roll
e.       What should we be doing?
27. Using Copy that Sells
a.       What should we be doing?
28. Key to Success – the Offer
a.       What should we be doing?
29. The New Credibility
a.       What should we be doing?
b.      Break into groups of 6 to create a political campaign.

As you can see, it’s going to be a fast-paced, action-packed 5 hours of practical information and tips on how to succeed both personally and professionally … as well as help transform America in the sooner-than-you-think 2020 election.

Call Sandra at 310- 212-5727 to reserve your spot today!

What do you think? Email me at

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  1. Could you video and post online for folks who can’t attend? Or distribute to state Republican committees to use for county and local training?

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