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Persecuted Pakistani Christian Mom is Free … but Still Faces Death Threat from Radical Muslim [Video]

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It’s very dangerous to profess Christian faith in Pakistan.

Asia Bibi – mother of 5 children – did so in 2009 … and was accused of blaspheming the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

In 2010 she was convicted of violating Pakistan’s blasphemy laws – and was sentenced to death.

Christians around the world began praying … and after 8 years of prayer and legal appeals, the Pakistani Supreme Court overturned her conviction and released her on October 31st, 2018.

After being in prison – and away from her family – for 9 years, she was finally free.

But she couldn’t safely stay in Pakistan … or safely leave the country.

I’ve written about her case numerous times over the years – most recently here and here.

Many thanks to all of you who have prayed for her acquittal and release over the years.

Asia Bibi and her family are now living in Canada. But they are still not safe.

A radical Muslim has traveled to Canada and has released a chilling video warning that he is there to kill “the blasphemer” Asia Bibi.

In this 3-minute video – in Arabic with English subtitles – the man sings an Islamic chant honoring Muhammad and warns the “Enemies of Islam and the Jew Government that set Asia Bibi free” that he will kill her.

Please continue to pray for Asia Bibi, her husband and their 5 children:

  • That God will guard and protect them
  • That Muslim extremists will not be able to find them and kill them
  • That the radical Muslim who has traveled to Canada to murder Asia will have a miraculous encounter with Christ – like Paul did on the road to Damascus – and that he will turn from Islam and become a Christian.

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