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A simple positive book review on Amazon has an incredible impact – more than you can possibly imagine.


Because it increases the credibility of the book – and the author – in the eyes of the media.

This results in greater media attention such as:

  • Free radio and TV coverage and advertising
  • Requests for interviews
  • Greater coverage and distribution by retail outlets
  • …and more

To those of you who have already bought my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know on Amazon — and have written a review – THANK YOU!

I appreciate it so much!

Please … if you haven’t written a review yet, please do so.

Please note that you don’t have to buy the book on Amazon to write a review on the Amazon book page. Click here to access the book page.

Click on the customer review button underneath the book title to read existing reviews … and to add your own review.

There are many other books about the Deep State that are available on Amazon…

But my book is unique. It stands out from the rest.


It describes in greater detail than any other book what the Deep State is … and how widespread its tentacles are.

Here are just a few other reasons for buying my book:

  • It exposes the Deep State corruption of power in the intelligence agencies – can we trust the FBI, CIA and Department of Justice?
  • It explains how judicial activist judges are part of the Deep State … and how they are legislating their dangerous progressive ideology from the bench.
  • It reveals how the media gives voice to the Deep State. You will read shocking stories of censorship of conservative values and voices on Google, Facebook and more.
  • It unveils disturbing Deep State persecution of Christians – right here in America … and how progressive ideologues are trying to destroy the rights of Christians.
  • It shows how Deep State lobbyists and influencers outside government are using the power of money to control politicians – even those who claim to be conservative.
  • It reveals how the Deep State ideology is promoting and leading us to socialism. It outlines the dangerous steps the Deep State is taking to advance this dangerous political ideology in America.

Feel free to use any of the statements above – or similar ones – in your review.

If you write a review on Amazon – and email Tracy at verifying that you wrote a review – I will send you a free copy of my special report, “Astonishing Confession: 12 Shocking Coup d’Etat Actions the Biased Media Isn’t Telling You.”

This blockbuster report reveals in no uncertain terms how the media has been covering up the blatant attempts by the Deep State to remove President Trump from office – and disenfranchise the will of 63 million voters in the 2016 election.

Don’t forget my Deep State book as a gift for Father’s Day … and especially for graduations.

Thanks in advance.

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