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You Don’t Want to Miss FreedomFest 2019!

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You really need to make plans to attend FreedomFest in Las Vegas this year.


Because John Stossel will be there…

He says, “Central authority is bad. The bias should be for freedom. And without a central authority, there are lots of little authorities, and we learn which ones to trust.”

Because Candace Owens will be there…

She says, “I’d like to say now that the reason I’m conservative is because I used to be a liberal, and I learned a lot.”

Because there will be more than 250 dynamic speakers there … along with many workshops and many exhibit booths.

Senator Mike Lee, Stephen Moore, Glenn Beck and Steve Forbes are just a few more…

I will be speaking twice … and participating in a Google panel discussion.

Topic #1: “7 Little-Known Surprises about Deep State Corruption, Abuse of Power, the Mueller Investigation, and the Road to Socialism.”

Topic #2: “18 Powerful Marketing and Advertising Trends for Business, Organizations and Politics.”

It’s at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas … from July 17th through July 20th.

I hope you’ll come to the largest annual gathering of conservatives and libertarians in the country…

I’d love to see you… And it will be the most exciting conference you’ve ever attended.

You can get full details here.

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