Panic in the Deep State: Explosive New Evidence of Corruption and Deceit [Videos]

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Lt. General Michael Flynn is now free…

He was a victim of a complex setup and ambush orchestrated by the FBI – with the knowledge and support of top officials from the CIA, NSA and other holdovers from the Obama administration.

General Flynn had to be removed from the incoming Trump administration.


Several reasons. First and foremost, Flynn had served as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Obama until 2014. He had been auditing the abuses of the federal intelligence agencies even before President-elect Trump chose him as his incoming national security adviser.

Flynn had also uncovered damaging information about the Afghan war debacle and the Obama administration’s relationship with ISIS.

The intelligence community knew that there would be negative consequences for them if General Flynn became the national security advisor. Obviously, they didn’t want their abuses and their corruption exposed by an honest political appointee.

In addition, Flynn would have been an impediment to the phony and false Russia collusion investigation against President-elect Trump … and to the spying activities on Trump’s former campaign officials and on his administration.

The FBI and the rest of the intelligence community wanted no interference from Flynn directed at their investigation in search of a crime…

The FBI abused its power by manipulating Flynn during and after an interview and tricking him into a confession for lying … when they had information which they hid from the court that would have proved him innocent.

Flynn’s “confession” helped promote the false narrative that Donald Trump was a secret Russian agent.

With the recent revelations of previously hidden information, the misleading of the FISA court (FISC) by the FBI has been slowly coming out into the open.

As a result, the Department of Justice has now dropped its case against Michael Flynn – but only after he lost his home and his career while defending himself against false accusations … and only after he had his reputation and integrity dragged through the mud and tarnished.

The next step in serving justice is for those at the highest levels of the FBI who corrupted the agency – and who destroyed Flynn’s character and financial assets – to be held accountable and prosecuted.

This unraveling of the case against Michael Flynn is another example of the effort by top officials and holdovers of the Obama administration to sabotage and destroy anyone and everyone associated with President Trump.

Report after report is now revealing the evil intent of high-placed officials in the intelligence community … and the media’s complicity in promoting false narratives and twisting the truth.

Just recently, Inspector General David Horowitz gave a summary of his report on FBI corruption and abuse of power. It revealed 17 serious omissions, inaccuracies and failures involving FBI procedures and conduct in the Russia collusion investigation … and in the pursuit of FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page and the Trump campaign team.

Watch this interview of Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell explaining how and why Flynn was targeted and set up, and why he pled guilty to lying to the FBI when in fact he hadn’t lied (about 11 minutes).

Watch this news clip from Fox News host Dana Perino (6 ¾ minutes)

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  1. This is not about Democrats and Republicans. It is not about Politics. It is not about ideologies.
    This is a war between Good and Evil. This is a war between God and Satan.
    We know the sides by what they do, what they say, and what they support.
    Abortion is an abomination to God. Promoting and spreading Homosexuality is an abomination to God! Breaking the laws of the land is harmful to the citizens of America.
    One side, the evil side, is supported by Communist, Marxist, Islam, Illegal aliens, trial lawyers, abortionist, and welfare recipients.

  2. it is loosely tied to political parties, lets face it, conservatism, like liberal ideology comes as a package deal. Which group is against abortion, against LGBQ ideology, pro-Israel, pro sovereignty, pro 2nd amendment, pro- religious freedom, pro America ? Yes it is Ephesian 6, (spiritual warfare), but it is also political affiliation related too. This is why believers should be directly involved in politics, and study eschatology. We need to be informed and relevant and operate pragmatically, pray, android our bible. Like a recon marine, in enemy territory, the more you know, the more you need to know. Navigation, communications, call for air support, medical, escape and evade, tracking, parachuting, swimming, Parisian link up, and on and on…

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