Data and Science Say End COVID Shutdown Now: 4 Reasons Why the Shutdown Isn’t Helping You [Videos and Petition]

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Predictive models are only as good as the amount and the accuracy of the data that is used to generate them.

When there’s little or no data available, models are based on assumptions … and assumptions are always based on the biases of those making the assumptions.

We now know that the models that were used by the so-called “medical experts” to cause the economic shutdown and the stay-at-home orders were wrong – very wrong.


Because there was very little data available when the models were created. They were really “assumed models,” not data models. The “experts” made assumptions about future infection rates, hospitalization rates, death rates, and recovery rates.

Because of false models fueled by false assumptions and exacerbated by unreasonable fear:

  • We’ve lost our freedom of movement
  • We’ve lost our rights to assemble peacefully
  • We’ve lost our jobs
  • We’ve lost our economy
  • We’ve lost our schools
  • We’ve lost our social interaction
  • We’ve lost our religious freedom

Here are 4 scientific realities you should know about:

1. The data models were false.

On March 13th, the CDC projected:

  • 160 – 214 million Americans infected with COVID-19
  • 21 million would need to be hospitalized when we only had 925,000 staffed hospital beds in the entire U.S.
  • 2.2 million Americans would die

In other words, we were doomed according to the socialists and the bureaucrats at the CDC.

The experts drove fear – they laid out the death projections that were not even close.

The projection of 2.2 million deaths produced panic.

Then, it was 1 million would die. Panic.

Then, it was 500,000 would die. Panic.

Then, it was 240,000 would die. Panic.

Now, the projection is possibly 130,000.

But we also know that many deaths are being attributed to COVID-19 which were not caused by COVID-19. So we can’t even trust the accuracy of the current 74,000 COVID deaths that have been reported so far.

2. New scientific studies show how exaggerated was the fear generated by the medical establishment and the media.

Many new studies are now coming out rebuking, criticizing or destroying the statistics put out by the University of Washington, Johns Hopkins University and the World Health Organization (WHO).

For example, the WHO estimated the fatality rate would be 3.4% of those infected – horrifying.

Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted the fatality rate would be 2% of those infected – horrifying.

The entire country was shut down based on these figures.

But new antibody studies are indicating that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus is much, much higher than the number of “confirmed” cases – which is lowering the death rate to less than 1% of those infected.

For example, recent antibody tests in Los Angeles County suggest the true fatality rate among everyone infected with the virus in that county is between 0.1% and 0.3% — the same or only slightly higher than the fatality rate for seasonal flu.[1]

Antibody testing in other states is yielding similar results:

  • Massachusetts General Hospital says the fatality rate in Massachusetts is 0.08%.
  • A New York study says New York’s fatality rate is 0.72%.
  • A Santa Clara County study conducted by Stanford University professors produced a fatality rate of between 0.09% and 1.4%.
  • The Lancet Infectious Diseases study came up with a fatality rate of 0.66%[2].

3. Professor Michael Levitt – Nobel Prize winning biophysicist and professor of structural biology at Stanford University – is one of many medical and scientific professionals who are saying the U.S. should not have gone into an economic lockdown.

He has been studying COVID-19 caseload and death rate data from around the world since January. He accurately predicted China’s quick recovery from the virus.[3]

He fears that the largescale lockdown in the U.S. could result in a health catastrophe of its own.

4. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said this week that two-thirds of new hospitalizations for COVID-19 in New York are for people who have been staying home!

You read that right…

In a survey of 1000 new hospitalizations for COVID-19 from 100 hospitals in New York, 66% of the patients were following the stay-at-home order when they contracted the virus.[4] They were not riding public transportation. They were not going to work.

An additional 18% of the new hospital patients came from nursing homes. Only 16% were commuting to work, living on the streets … or otherwise outside in public areas on a regular basis.

For all of the above reasons, it’s time to stop the state-ordered lockdowns now and reopen schools, churches, stores and businesses.

It’s time to get America moving forward again now.

Please sign our petition to Reopen America Now. Click here.

Watch this video about the actual numbers of COVID-19 deaths compared to this year’s seasonal flu deaths and the number of deaths from pneumonia since the Coronavirus outbreak. These numbers are tracked by the National Bureau of Vital Statistics. (10 minutes).

Also watch this video about how determined local government leaders, the media, and the elite medical establishment are in controlling the narrative about COVID-19 … and preventing you from questioning their public health polocies. (6 ½ minutes).

Finally, watch this video of the press conference of the two ER doctors from Kern County, CA who have been studying actual COVID-19 infection and recovery rates since January. This is the video that YouTube censored and removed.

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  1. Newsom signs executive order making California vote-by-mail state. WHY???
    the elections are 6 mo. away… are we still going to be in lockdown by then??? If poll locations are not “safe” to go in November, maybe we can all vote at Walmart, Costco, Lowe’s, and Target… seems really safe at those places…

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