Outrageous: Teacher’s Union Endangers Kids’ Lives – See Video

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Once again, the teachers’ union is interfering with our kids’ safety and well being.

How, you ask?

This time heroin was found not once, but twice in the bathroom at Benjamin Cosor Elementary—so any kid, aged as young as 5 to 11 years old—could have stumbled upon it.

Can you imagine your child picking up heroin or a needle in the school bathroom, not knowing what it is or what to do with it?

The parents, administration and police wanted a small group of teachers to take a drug test to find out which teacher was using heroin on schools grounds. But all refused!

The kids’ lives are in danger. It’s outrageous. Listen to the parent’s outcry and hear some great insight.

Click here to watch it.

For California readers, you have your own problem with the California Teachers Association protecting child predator teachers. It’s outrageous, as seen by the powerful video hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. After viewing it, sign our petition to stop this madness from the California Teachers Association by clicking here.

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