Media Distortions and Fake News on Trump’s Immigration Order

Media Distortions and Fake News on Trump’s Immigration Order

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The media distorted the facts—again—along with social media, which created a hysteria of lies and distortions about Trump’s latest executive orders touching on immigration.

To compound the issue, there were travelers detained in between extreme vetting to make sure that Americans are safe.

Here are the lies:

  1. “It’s a Muslim ban.” No, it’s a ban on seven countries which former President Obama had placed on his terrorist list.

Here are the countries on which Trump has imposed a temporary travel ban:

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen

These are current hot beds for terrorism as well as the rising waves of refugees entering the country. These countries were listed on Obama’s VISA waiver program.

There are 46 Muslim countries in the world which are not on this list.

I think this list should be expanded, but these countries were the first to be covered.

Some of the countries which should be on this list:

  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Saudi Arabia
  1. “The ban is unnecessary.” America is at risk for terrorist attacks. Anything that the President can do to keep America safe is critical in this age of terrorism. The first job of any President is to protect Americans.

We have seen what has happened in Europe and America.

The wife of the San Bernardino terrorist from the Islamic attack on December 2, 2015 was from Afghanistan. The terrorists who killed Americans in Minnesota were children of refugees. The Tsarnaev brothers who perpetrated the 2013 Boston bombing were from Chechnya.

  1. “Those who claim that only a small segment of Christians have been accepted are lying.” No!

See video below:



The media has not been mentioned that out of 12,000 Syrian refugees, without proper vetting according, only 60 have been Christians.

Christians are being discriminated against. They are about 10% of the population, but Pew Research is using this figure to document the number of refugees coming into the United States: 50% Muslim vs. 50% Christian.

This is a false figure. This is a figure that represented people all over the world coming to the United State, not people just from the violent/refugee areas of the Middle East.

  1. “It’s a religious test.” No, it’s a safety test.

We are not getting terrorist attacks from people in Sweden, China, or England. So there is no need for extreme vetting for immigrants from those countries.

  1. “This is permanent or indefinite ban.” Trump has imposed a 90 day ban to ensure that our national security personnel and staffing can prepare extreme vetting.
  1. “This order is unconstitutional.” The President has every right to ensure the safety of American citizens and issue a ban on immigrants, refugees, and travelers from select countries.

Congress enacts laws regarding immigration (Article One, Section Eight).

The President has every right to carry out those laws. (See 8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens).

  1. “Donald Trump is the first President to ban people from entering this country.”

Completely untrue.

President Jimmy Carter banned travelers from Iran in 1979.

Barack Obama banned travelers from Iraq in 2011.

One week before he left office, Obama banned refugees from Cuba!

The mass hysteria from the left, fomented on lies and distortions, is easy to undo once the truth comes to light. Trump’s temporary ban is a campaign promised fulfilled to Make America Safe Again.

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  1. Charles Tucker made very understandable point on Christian’s duty:

    “…why are you doing Christian’s duty if you are forcing other people to pay a good work like that”

    I think Jesus wants us individual responsibility, not vague group responsibility using other’s tax.

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