Misconceptions and Falsehoods about Your Insurance in the Absence of Obamacare

What Happens to Your Insurance Without Obamacare: Lies and Myths

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Slow Death of Obamacare

Obamacare was on a death spiral before Trump became President.

In fact, Obamacare with its forced mandates and arbitrary regulations has largely been harmful, even to those with terrible situations.

What many Americans are learning now is that an insurance card does not guarantee health care. Most of the new plans patients are forced to purchase do not provide the care which clients seek:

  • People lose their insurance, getting inferior coverage
  • Premiums are skyrocketing
  • Deductibles are outrageous, and growing
  • Growing lines and bureaucracies are replacing patient care
  • There is a growing dearth of primary doctors and medical innovation
  • Obamacare pushes a political and social agenda
  • The law was passed as the first step toward a single-payer system—socialism
  • For many, there are only one or two insurance companies to choose from—no competition

The costs of health insurance have exploded so much, that individuals just pay the fine, then get health care as needed. Some have resorted to getting health care in other countries with fewer regulatory burdens.

  • $10 billion has been spent on the Obamacare website healthcare.gov to fix it again and again, a terrible waste
  • The average family will spend at least $2,100 more per family
  • 7 million Americans have lost their health insurance
  • $2 trillion in new spending
  • $1 trillion in new tax increases
  • 47 new provisions from the IRS
  • Employers’ cutting hours and eliminating jobs
  • 3 million fewer workers are in the workforce

As of now, 28 million Americans are still without health insurance.

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In California alone, 3.8 million have no health insurance.

Obamacare needs to be repealed in full.

But what about those on Obamacare already?

Despite some good from Obamacare, the vast number of losses, tragedies,  and horror stories outweigh any good from the law.

For those who claim that Obamacare has helped them, five times as many people have lost their original health care coverage, or they have been forced to purchase something more expensive.

Cancer victims have discovered under Obamacare that the best hospitals do not participate in the state exchanges, and have excluded Obamacare recipients from their plans.

Residents in states with assisted suicide laws now find out that health insurance agencies will not cover catastrophic illnesses, but will cover the cost for end-of-life procedures instead.


Because of Obamacare’s abusive regulatory schemes, the FDA has now driven up the costs for drugs with endless delays and more testing. Experimental drugs which were expensive in the past have become outright confiscatory because of FDA regulations.

Many don’t see that they can have even better coverage with freedom of choice and a patient-centered healthcare system.

Who really wants Obamacare to stay afloat, then? The third-party provides who profit from the jacked-up prices.

But everyone else suffers.

Those who are afraid of losing Obamacare are the ones who will lose the most if it stays in place. It’s costly, it’s wasteful, and it does not provide the coverage promised.

Patients and doctors should be in charge of their health care, not bureaucrats, insurance companies, or third-party special interests.

Plans for Repeal and Replace

Right now, Republicans are struggling with an effective plan to replace Obamacare.

But US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has offered the following:

  • Repeal and Replace on the same day
  • Create opportunities for people to buy inexpensive insurance
  • Remove all Obamacare mandates
  • Allow insurance products of all kinds to be sold, and across state lines
  • Grant tax credits for individuals who save money for their health care needs with Health Savings Accounts
  • Allow individuals to form health insurance co-ops to lower costs and pool risk (these programs will help those individuals with pre-existing conditions

Other ideas include:

  1. Standard deductions for health care costs
  2. State-run health care reforms and policies
  3. Health savings accounts
  4. Crack down on and limit Medicare/Medicaid fraud
  5. Purchase health insurance across state lines
  6. Expand pooling mechanisms among small businesses, employees, and health care providers
  7. Tort reform to end frivolous lawsuits which drive up health care costs
  8. Incentives for health and wellness

The time to repeal Obamacare is now. Republicans cannot wait, and Americans cannot continue to suffer a corrupt and bankrupt program putting millions of lives at risk.

Obamacare is literally killing people. Let’s stop the bleeding. Let’s make health care great again!

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  1. Quit talking and do it already! Republicans have had years to come up with a plan and just now on they are coming up with some proposals?

  2. Bring corporate America into the system. Require the tobacco and alcohol industries to establish trust funds like British Petroleum to pay all health care costs not paid by the patient. For alcohol, that would include all public safety, damages, and other public/private costs. The trust funds would be invoiced for these costs. This gives these industries skin in the game and an incentive to make their products safe.

  3. I’d like to mention another option to the insanity of health “insurance”. It’s probably most insane because it includes personal responsibility. It’s the use of health share ministries. We have been members of one since 2011. My husband had lost his job, COBRA wanted $1500 a month to continue his existing coverage, remember my husband LOST his job.

    Anyway, I went on line and began researching options. I had never heard of health share ministries before but what I found intrigued me. So, I looked into the two options available at that time, there are now more than a handful of options. Long story short, for five years we have been on the “sharing” end, we send our monthly share to an assigned member household, based on the biblical principle of Galatians 6:2.

    This past December, I had some health issues, what started as a routine “house call” ended with a visit to the ER. Now, we were on the receiving end of the ministry*. When I got home from the hospital (a three hour visit) I called the ministry, they prayed for me and the need process began.

    What started out as a $7900 bill, I was able to negotiate down to $5100 and every dime was paid through the ministry, one member household at a time. When the checks, prayers and notes of encouragement began to roll in in March, our family was amazed at the power of God’s unfailing love and provision. His Word says, He will provide for all your need and He did. What a blessing!

    Health Share Ministries are exempt from the TAX. We can see any doctor we want. They are worth looking into.

    Samaritan Ministries*
    Liberty Health Share
    Christian Health Share Ministry

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