Must Listen: Why Everyone Should Vote in Primary Elections [Radio Interview]

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I just got off the air with Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute.

His “Dacus Report” is heard nationally on over 300 radio stations.

In my interview, you’ll discover:

· What everyone needs to know about Israel – and why it’s one of the issues you’re voting on in the 2020 primary elections.

· The War on religious freedom – what’s at stake in this year’s primary.

· The coming expansion of abortion … if certain candidates win in the primary.

I even explain how my “Election Forum” was started.

The interview is about 20 minutes. Click here to listen.

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  1. Hi Craig, I voted in the California Primary. I have a question. I’ve seen signs that say vote no on the recall. Yet I did not see any thing about a recall on the ballot. Do you know what happened with that? I’m a registered Republican.

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