2020 Election Recommendations: Vote For, Not Against, Your Values

Craig Huey Voter Guide 2 Comments

Nationally: We have all judge candidates rated in every state where there are judicial elections.

And we have links to conservative-values voter guides in many states. Click here.

Because of a lack of funding, that’s all we’ve been able to do for now. We hope to be able to do more before the November election.

If you could help with a donation to expand the education and distribution of our voter guides, click here.

California: From northern California to southern California, we have all the candidates, judges … and Proposition 13 covered. Click here.

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com

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  1. I was given your link By a family member. Thank you so much for caring about our constitutional rights, and trying to preserve them.
    I feel we were on the preface of an event horizon, had the Democrats succeeded in taking the presidency. I love what you putout there.

  2. That was my email that is why you have sent me so many emails. My church gave me your web site and for a week I have tried to connect. Now voting is over and we are all disappointed with not being able to get in touch unless we went through hoops and steps. I was surprised. Not interested anymore thank you.

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