Miracle Escape: The Little Known Story of How the Haitian Missionary Hostages Escaped Their Captors – 5 Things Every Christian Should Know

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It’s a miracle.

There’s no other way to describe it.

You see, 12 missionaries held captive in Haiti have escaped their brutal captors and are safely back in the US.

How they escaped – not rescued – will make for an incredible movie someday.

Indeed, their rescue is to the glory of God and shows His power and love today in a powerful way.

Here are the five things you should know:

#1: Held Captive Against Their Will

Seventeen missionaries, including several children, have been held captive since October ­­16, 2021. See “17 Christians Kidnapped – Including Children: 7 Realities the Media Isn’t Telling You“.

Five had been released for medical reasons.

The captors were demanding a million dollars per captive to be released.

A ransom was paid…we don’t know how much.

It was for all the hostages.

But the gang only released the ones with medical problems. The rest were kept captive.

The Haitian 400 Mawozo gang has a history of kidnappings, especially people who are pastors and religious leaders, and demanding ransom and killing those who don’t comply.

Who escaped? The twelve captives included a one-month-old baby and two young children.

#2: The Hostages Gruesome Captivity

The hostages were kept in a small room by the gang. They were fed a minimal amount of food and water, but enough to survive on.

The door in and out of the small room was blocked by their captors. The entire area was controlled by the gang and not a safe area to be in.

The guards outside the door used a long cord charger to charge their cell phones every night.

#3: The Great Escape

The captives did not escape by force. Many had expected Biden to try to rescue the troops by the military, but he didn’t. He sent a few FBI agents to work with the local authorities.

It was not by the Haitian police or local citizens.

It was not by the kindness of the gang members.

Instead, it was by God’s grace and mercy.

The hostages prayed about if they should try to escape or not. You can only imagine the fear.

In heavy rain on the night of the escape, the guards went inside to be dry…and since the cord was now underwater – the only safe way to charge their phones.

Not knowing exactly where they were at, nor how to escape. What would happen if they got out? What would happen if they ran into the gang members? What would happen if the local people, out of fear or greed, turn them in? Where would they go, and would they get lost?

After prayer, they decided to escape.

For over two hours, they were walking through the woods. Through thickets and thorns and briars in very rugged territory guided by starlight and moon…praying for direction.

In hiding along the way, they heard a group in a house practicing for choir singing Christian songs about 10 miles and over two hours of walking.

The people, instead of acting out of fear, opened their door and helped them to use their cell phone.

Help came quickly.

And they were back in the United States within 24 hours.

#4: The Song In Their Hearts

From the moment that they were kept captured on a bus ride, to the small room, the song that was on their hearts that guided their entire trip was Psalm 34:7, “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him, and delivereth them.”

I am not sure if all they did was recite Psalm 34:7, or if they turned it into a song, or if there was an actual song they sang. The only song similar to Psalm 34:7 that I am aware of is “O Taste and See”. You can listen to it below.

#5: The Missionaries Message To Their Captives

It will be a while before we hear from some of the captives, but their story is going to be quite intriguing.

But they do have one message to their captors that was given by the US-based Christian Aid Ministries spokesman Duston Showalter.

He said: “Listen in their mind (the captives), the true hostages are those who took them. Our prayer is the hostage takers be transformed. We choose to extend forgiveness to them. We would love for them to become brothers in Christ.”

Click HERE to listen to the worship song.

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