Military Forced Vaccinations: Unfair Intimidation of Soldiers With “Mandated” Vaccinations

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The Pentagon has ordered that all our U.S. soldiers be vaccinated with Covid-19 shots.

This is part of their focus on “politically correct” initiatives, not focusing on our military and national defense.

Some 30% of the military do not want a vaccination.

  • If a solider doesn’t want to risk a experimental drug with no long-term studies, they must.
  • If it’s against their religious beliefs to tamper with their body, they must.
  • If they like alternative therapy and health and want alternatives to prescription drugs with side effects, they must.
  • If they already had covid and natural immunity and don’t want the potential harm of taking it, the must. (Read the transcript with attorney Brad Dacus on Forced Vaccinations: How You Can Legally Opt Out HERE).

The military may still allow the same two ways anyone in civilian life including students, or workers can opt-out of a vaccine:

  • Religious exemption
  • Medical waiver

But the Americans with Disabilities Act is not part of the new military protocol, though it’s used by many people outside of the military to opt-out of the vaccine. (See my video HERE and see how that’s done).

If a soldier refuses the shot, the military plans to use military medical personnel and a commander for the soldiers that have “vaccine hesitancy.” This is what will happen…the medical professional and commander will:

  • Counsel the individual about the risks of not being vaccinated
  • Tell them that not getting vaccinated will interfere with deployment
  • How not getting the vaccination would stop them from getting assignments
  • Would cause them not to be able to travel
  • Will affect their interaction with their teammates…in other words, segregation.

Finally, told not taking the vaccine would cause them not to be able to fulfill their mission.

In other words, it is an insidious form of intimidation for the 20% to 30% of the military who do not want to get a vaccination…this is a reflection of how politicized the military has gotten to promote an ideology of authoritarian control.

It is not science or data.

It is simply to carry out a spirit of fear and political control.

It’s the military concentrating on political correctness, not protecting our nation from foreign threats.  

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  1. What will stop covid??? It sure is worth the try! It just seems to be spreading everywhere yet. Something has to stop it.

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