The Fight Against Forced Masking of Kids – Must See 4 Videos on How Masking Kids is Child Abuse

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Across America kids are again being forced to wear masks in school.

This is wrong.

It should be voluntary.

And for those pushing masks, it’s all about control, not science, data or truth.

Watch these 4 powerful, short videos:

  1. Doctor tells the truth to a silent school board.

Here is a clear, scientific video – about 6-minutes long from Dr. Dan Stock before his school board. Click HERE to see.

2. Masks (except N-95) are useless.

Watch Dr. Stock on Carlson Tucker’s national program explaining why he stood up to explain why the failed attempts to stop covid-19 have not worked…and the masks are useless – in fact harmful.

You can watch the video HERE.

3. Dad makes common sense.

Watch Matt Walsch before his school board, click HERE.

4. Mom makes common sense.

Watch this mom speak to her school board. Click HERE.

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  1. About 30 years ago I saw an exhibit in the Boston Pubic library of Asian children. All the children did not draw a mouth. That the Asian children come to America to study is perhaps in our classroom the student is taught to participate and talk. This Asian schooling handicap forces their nations, like China, to steal our ideas, rather than create them. This is not a duplicate.

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