UNICEF Uses Your Tax Dollars to Promote Political Propaganda and Open Borders: 5 Disturbing Facts You Should Know [Video and Petition]

Craig Huey Government, Congress, and Politics 1 Comment

UNICEF is supposed to be helping children… But instead, it’s spreading falsehoods and promoting anti-border-protection propaganda. It’s offensive to those who want to secure and protect our borders and our national sovereignty. It’s offensive to taxpayers who are paying for this anti-American propaganda. Here are 5 disturbing facts about UNICEF you should know: UNICEF is running a political ad advocating …

Media Distortions and Fake News on Trump’s Immigration Order

Media Distortions and Fake News on Trump’s Immigration Order

Craig Huey Donald Trump 1 Comment

The media distorted the facts—again—along with social media, which created a hysteria of lies and distortions about Trump’s latest executive orders touching on immigration. To compound the issue, there were travelers detained in between extreme vetting to make sure that Americans are safe. Here are the lies: “It’s a Muslim ban.” No, it’s a ban on seven countries which former President …