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Media Censorship Escalates

Craig HueyMedia 1 Comment

Conservative, Libertarian and Christian Groups are finding increasing censorship and discrimination on:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • And now…Instagram

It’s disturbing, but now even Instagram – a social media platform known for its mainly image-driven posts – is taking action to censor pro-life values and posts.

Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, a pro-life organization, recently posted a meme on Instagram on #WorldPopulationDay that was promptly taken down by Instagram.


The meme showed an image of a noose above the words “abortion kills more black lives in two weeks than the KKK lynched in a century.” The meme ended with the line, “Planned Parenthood: Eugenics, No Matter What.”

Bomberger’s exposure of the truth and choice to exercise his free speech was instantly squashed by progressive ideologues at the social media site, who told him that his post “doesn’t follow [their] Community Guidelines on violence or threat of violence. If you violate our guidelines again, your account may be restricted or disabled.”

In other words, if Bomberg expresses beliefs that are different from their own opinions…they’ll shut down his account.

In response, Bomberg said, “They can delete our posts and even our account, but they can’t delete the truth. And of course, there was no due process, no appeal process, no one to reach to correct this injustice. There was no option other than to click OK and the purge was complete.”

This disturbing incident is likely one of many…and many more to come.

Progressive ideologues at major internet and social media sites are manipulating content and silencing the voices of anyone who disagrees with their radical, anti-family, anti-freedom worldview.


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  1. Dear Craig, I have noticed flagrant

    censorship in U- Tube ; Facebook topics of religious; conservative ;moral values access of noted topics & individual programs when
    there is no violence; profane language; personal attacks by name observed in the content. Just topics that are for moral standards;history; culture ; protection of victims in our normal
    realm of society and law and order
    for our citizens. So I believe the
    leftistist agenda needs to be addressed to this end;exposed; including free speech in college;
    public forums; with no harrasement
    allowed by ugly unpopular anti-
    American noisy distasteful opposition persons that will even have their say when allotted time is
    given! I have noticed problem personally on J.C.campuses and at U.C.I. where some of my family graduated and formally worked.
    Sincerely Don Marsh

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