Maui Tragedy

Maui Tragedy: Exposing the Incompetency of the Government— 8 Things You Should Know

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At least 111 people have died in the Maui wildfires, and an estimated 1,300 are still missing—many of them children.

It was a horrific tragedy… One that could have been prevented.

The media, bureaucracy, and politicians are blaming the wildfires on “climate change” to shift the blame away from themselves and their own incompetence.

The facts are far worse… Here are 8 things about the Maui wildfires you should know.

  • The real cause of the fire

The Maui government failed to clear all the dried brush from the forest floor. This has been a problem all over the country and the world and is one of the major causes of forest fires of land owned by the government and government controlled electrical companies.

The reason these forests remain “untouched” and are so mismanaged is because of poor government policies that are brought on by environmentalists and the radical left, who pressure politicians to enact bad policies based on pseudoscience.

The problem is that without the proper clearing and maintenance of the old, dried leaves, twigs, and dead trees, wildfires will be more prevalent and continue to rage out of control.

     •   The match that ignited the flames

It was not “climate change” that spontaneously started the area to combust because of the heat—that, of course, is impossible.

The truth is power lines started the Maui wildfire. High winds caused some powerlines to snap. The power authority is supposed to shut off power to the lines during exceptionally strong windstorms… They didn’t.

According to investigators, the wires that started the Maui fire “were among miles of line that the utility left naked to the weather and often-thick foliage, despite a recent push by utilities in other wildfire- and hurricane-prone areas to cover up their lines or bury them. Also, many of the 60,000 power poles are “an obsolete 1960s standard” and were at the end of their projected lifespan and nowhere close to meeting the national standard set in 2002. Also, the key components of Hawaii’s electrical grid could not withstand 105 mile per hour winds.”

  • Failure of Maui County radical environmental ideologies

The firefighters had no water to put out the fire because of government bureaucrats.
The Department of Land and Natural Resources Water Resource Management Division and West Maui Land Co. manage agricultural and residential subdivisions in West Maui.

Why did DLNR delay releasing water requested by West Maui Land Co. to help prevent the spread of fire?

Governmental red tape and incompetence… and radical environmental ideology

DLNR’s deputy director M. Kaleo Manuel, wanted West Maui Land to get permission from a taro, or kalo, farm located downstream from the company’s property. Manuel eventually released the water, but not until after the fire had spread.

When the news got out, he tried to backpedal and said it was in order to “conserve water.” He tried to involve native customs surrounding a ‘love a nature and the land”.

He said that the water was “sacred” and that it had to be protected.

     •   Failure of the early warning system officials

Herman Andaya, the administrator of the Maui Emergency Management Agency, failed to sound warning sirens.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency claims that no directive was issued to activate the warning siren.

Andaya’s excuse not to sound the sirens as the fire went out of control was because he feared coastal residents would flee inland toward the flames.

Andaya said, “The public is trained to seek higher ground in the event that the siren is sounded. Sirens are used primarily for tsunamis. Had we sounded the siren that night, we feared that people would have gone mauka [to the mountains] … into the fire.”

Did he really believe that people would hear the warning sirens and run toward the fires?

Needless to say, Adaya was forced to resign.

     •   Residents were barricaded in because of government incompetence

People died in their cars burned to death because traffic was backed up.

Officials said it was because of traffic… However, the backup was caused by the only road out of town being barricaded, preventing people from escaping.

Many ignored the barricades going around, but the sheer volume of cars soon was bogged down and couldn’t move.

Hawaiian Electric had placed the barricades because they were replacing utility poles. Workers were instructing fleeing motorists to turn back…

It made no sense. The Island was on fire, but they were installing new utility poles.

The traffic jam forced residents to abandon their cars and jump into the ocean to escape.

     •   Biden and his bureaucracy’s failed response

When the wildfires raged out of control, President Biden, who was on vacation, was asked about the Maui fires by reporters… He said, “no comment.” Then he sat on the beach in Delaware, rode his bicycle, and ate chocolate chip ice cream.

The next day, he was asked again about the wildfires while he was riding his bicycle. As he peddled by, he said, “We’re looking at it.”

Former Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator Michael Brown commented on Biden’s tepid response, saying, “Let’s differentiate the response from Biden’s response because Biden’s response is an abject failure: ‘No comment’?”

Weeks after the fire, Biden cut his vacation short and visited Maui.

Residents greeted his motorcade with jeers, middle fingers, protest chants (let’s go Brandon and F**k Joe Biden), and signs that said, “No Comment.”

He stayed for 6 hours touring the scene of destruction. He made a lackluster speech and made several inappropriate jokes. He praised the response of the federal government, as the land behind him was still simmering. He promised roughly $700 dollars to every resident, as he sends $113 Billion more to Ukraine—what a slap in the face to a community that was devastated.

At one point, he forgot the name “Maui” and called it “the one where you see on television all of the time.”

     •   Government’s slow response to relief efforts

Maui residents slam FEMA’s slow response to help Maui residents.

“I haven’t seen one state, one county, one federal official at any one of the donation hubs,” said a Maui resident. “As soon as you go to the west side, all of a sudden, you’re like, ‘Wow, why do I feel like I’m in a third-world country right now?’”

     •   Churches, Volunteers, Residents Step Up Where Government Fails

FEMA’s response has been incredibly slow, forcing churches, volunteers, and residents to take charge of recovery efforts.

“For some of us, we were kind of sitting back, waiting for help to arrive, and then nothing was sort of happening. We were just in shock,” said one resident. “I wonder if the state, county, they believe we’re doing such a good job that they don’t need to step in. “But a lot of these volunteers have been going all day, all night, for five, six days now and are exhausted and are waiting for a handoff, or at least a break.”

But churches in Maui, Hawaii and the mainland have sent in food, water and more in a massive way.

Samaritans Purse and other Christian organizations mobilized immediately to give relief and help.

Residents have also pitched in by setting up crowdfunding sites to help raise money.

This tragedy did not have to happen. This tragedy was typical government bureaucracy at work.

This tragedy shows why we need to downsize and privatize… move away from socialist policies.

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  1. Every Maui Official, every Maui politician and every Maui Utility company manager should be fired on the spot………………to pay for the murder of the dead children. The head of the school district should be immediately fired. Can you imagine the terror of those children released to return to empty homes – not knowing what to do and being burned to death in the fire. It’s time for incompetents to pay for the price for the death and destruction they have caused.

  2. We live in Tennessee and this tragedy is awful especially the children who had to suffer. All of the officials and people of the failed system need to be fired! The elderly and others who were hurt or killed also, those families need to sue. This is nothing more than failed government.

  3. Too many unanswered questions and the SMART plan for MAUI with exception of historical district and now that district has been “destroyed” Meeting this month to make MAUI first 15 min smart city and HI first AI governed state

  4. I do not agree with the assessment that “downed power lines caused the fire”. Certainly there were downed lines and Hawaii Electric disputes this claim. However video after video show a pattern of destruction by fire with a sense of discrimination as to what burned and what didn’t. Three vehicles next to each other…two are incinerated with melted glass (windshields etc) one is still on its rubber wheels hardly scorched. How? Wind swept fires don’t melt glass. One lone vehicle on a dirt lot 80 feet from houses on three sides…the vehicle is incinerated, glass melted (that’s 2,600 degrees!!) aluminum components melted. Yet no homes even show a scorch, trees with leaves still standing nearby. How? Dead but unburnt grass is but 10 feet from this same incinerated vehicle. How? Things don’t add up as to the reported cause of this hyper inferno. Numerous dedicated fire marshals and officials agree there is something not right at play here.
    But I do agree that the Biden administration has bungled and ignored this tragedy so badly that they and every other local and federal agency involved just hopes it fades away… like Afghanistan, like the border crises, like runaway inflation and the depletion of the Strategic Oil Reserves and the list goes on of failures. Will anyone (on the island or stateside) be held accountable for any of this? I somehow doubt it.

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