Losing Ground? The Growing Conflict Over Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

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Our post-Christian culture has given in to the idea of not saying Merry Christmas… and even evangelical Christians have fallen prey… to saying Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings.

Americans send out over 1.6 billion Christmas cards every year.

  • 53% are Christmas/Christ centric
  • 21% say Happy Holidays
  • 12% say Seasons Greetings
  • 14% say other secular messages

Why even talk about this? Does it really matter?

Shouldn’t Christians be tolerant and accepting of all faiths…or no faith? After all, two-thirds of evangelicals (67%) say the non-religious “Happy Holidays” greeting is fine, while only 20% say it’s inappropriate.

Here’s what two-thirds of evangelical Christians are overlooking:

  1. There’s a culture war raging between two opposing world views: one acknowledges the existence of a personal God and creator of all that exists; the other rejects God and believes the universe appeared spontaneously and mankind evolved through random, uncaused “natural” processes.
  2. The controversy over Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays is one of the by-products of this culture war.
  3. Secularists HATE the greeting “Merry Christmas” because it mentions the name of Christ. They used to replace Christ with “X” in their advertisements or cards and write, “Merry Xmas.” But even that isn’t tolerated anymore.
  4. There’s been a huge effort in recent years to remove all mention of Jesus Christ from government and public life. Government uses the “separation of church and state” as the excuse. But the separation of church and state refers to the government of the church and the government of the state. It has nothing to do with voluntary religious belief or the practical application of religious belief.
  5. Christmas gives us a unique opportunity to witness for Christ.

Christmas is a Christian holiday… specifically, a Christian holiday. Without Christ, there would be no Christmas.

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  1. I put this to rest this year. In Los Angeles, which is under an assault of values, safety, etc. etc., I was pleasantly moved this season when Merry Christmas was very respected and received this year! I had one horrible response which I won’t repeat. But all others were favorable. People said Merry Christmas back with good cheer way more times than in previous few years. Those who said Happy Holidays often first said Merry Christmas, then added Happy Holidays; both very cheerfully. So there was a big change. I think people were happy to be connecting with the “old-fashioned“ greeting.
    And, doesn’t “Happy Holidays” come from “holy days”? So just say that back to them all. See what happens next year.

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