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Understanding the Next Two Years: What Biden Knows and Most Americans Don’t — 3 Things Every American Must Know

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Regardless of the fact that the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives in the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats still control the Senate and the White House.

This means that while legislative gridlock may prevent some of the most radical socialistic proposals from becoming law, much of the Democrat agenda for more government control over our lives will be enacted.

Here are three things every American voter should know about the next two years of the Biden administration:

#1: What Biden accomplishes over the next two years will probably never be repealed or eliminated.

The reason for this is because the Democrats are doing everything they can possibly do to increase their voting base and ensure that there can never be a large enough conservative majority in the future to reverse their socialistic legislation.

For example, socialization of medicine in America. To unravel it to improve healthcare is almost impossible… along with thousands of other federal government programs that should never have passed.

#2: If Biden can’t use legislation, Biden will use executive orders to accomplish his agenda.

For example, student loan forgiveness – costing billions.

There will probably be many other executive orders on other issues – all of which amount to legislating from the executive branch – a clear violation of the separation of powers written into the U.S. Constitution.

#3: To build coalitions and increase Democrat loyalty, Biden will make outrageous promises to different groups while ignoring economic reality.

To the Democrats, no cost is too great for taxpayers to bear if the result is more votes for Democrat candidates.

Here are a few examples of outrageous promises with no consideration of the cost to taxpayers or the damage to the economy:

  • Repartitions to black descendants of slaves
  • Mortgage cost relief
  • Gas rationing/price controls

Expect people who have no understanding of the future consequences of the present expansion of money and credit to demand more “free” stuff from their government.

Expect the prices of everything to increase dramatically over the next two years.

And expect the Democrats to argue in 2024 that they are the only ones who can “fix” the economic mess that they themselves have created.

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