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Kamala Harris Blasphemy: The Bible and Christians Should Be for Abortion

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At the National Baptist Convention, Vice President Kamala Harris told pastors and church leaders that supporting abortion is in line with biblical principles.

She said, “As extremists work to take away the freedom of women to make decisions about their own bodies, faith leaders are taking a stand, knowing one does not have to abandon their [sic] faith or deeply held religious beliefs to agree that a woman should have the ability to make decisions about her own body and not have the government tell her what to do.”

This is a standard message, especially as she speaks to churches and to Christian groups.

And it’s totally incorrect.

If Kamala Harris wants to talk about biblical principles and deeply held Christian beliefs, she should consider the following:

  1. Christian men and women both have been bought with a price. We do not “own” our own bodies. “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore, glorify God in your body.” (I Corinthians 6:19-20)
  2. The Bible and the Christian faith both recognize the intrinsic value of human life from the moment of conception. God revealed to Jeremiah the prophet, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you…” (Jeremiah 1:5). And in prayer, King David said to God, “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)
  3. It is a grave evil to murder an innocent child. In the gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus said that anyone who harmed an innocent child would be better off if a heavy millstone were hung around his neck and he were drowned in the sea.

If murdering an unborn child is not wrong, why do 38 states have fetal homicide laws on the books?

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  1. She has made her own bed. Unless she changes she will stand before Jesus and answer. All of us will, however, we have a Champion who has already paid the price for our sins.
    Lord Jesus, please protect those in the womb who you already know!

    1. For a woman to make the decision to kill her own child is no more conscionable than it was for non-Jews to sacrifice their children to the god Molech. No wonder God hated this practice! This is why our nation adopted the 10 commandments of the Bible to teach “thou shall not murder” found in Exodus 20:13 along with other commandments for which our nation was founded on, including our judicial system. To say that abortion is not murder is a complete abomination to God and certainly disrespectful of who HE is. God loves the unborn children as HE has pointed out in various Scriptures. And for someone to say that a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body is another abomination to God, let alone a political figure who deceitfully leads others into thinking that it is permissible to kill an unborn child. Were we all not made in God’s image? How is that honoring God? It doesn’t and places the guilty one in judgment by Christ Himself at the end of this world as we know it.

  2. A woman’s body and an unborn baby’s body within her are not one body. They are only in different stages of development. Wouldn’t if be nice if the baby, if it could survive on its own, had the ability to abort and destroy the life of the mother if she were considered to be an inconvenience to it? Think about it!

  3. I just heard a perspective on this that I had never heard before. A baby in the womb is not a part of the woman’s body. It has separate DNA. It is a separate creature. The woman’s body is the host of someone else carrying someone else. So to abort a baby is to abort someone else, a human being made in the image of God.

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