Outrageous: Brainwashing of Students [Video]​​​​​​​

Outrageous: Brainwashing of Students [Video]​​​​​​​

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The schools are brainwashing our kids, rather than educating them.

What has happened to the elementary, middle, high school, and colleges is censorship of conservative ideas and brainwashing of students on issues like history, economics, religious, morals, and culture.

In colleges across the country, conservative professors are not only terribly outnumbered, they are heading toward non-existence.

One study discovered that out of the 6,000 sociologists in our country, only 12 are conservative!

18% of professors identify as Marxists!

For all their talk about diversity and inclusivity, America’s universities are clearly biased, and seem dedicated to stifling healthy discourse on ideas along with mutually respectful dissent.

Check out the backlash Prof. Mike Adams faced at his The University of North Carolina, Wilmington:

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  1. I “heard” years ago that since the majority of professors are liberal and form part of the panel that hires other instructors, and that this is the reason for the perpetual liberal staff. Recently, I read in Jane Meyer’s book ‘Dark Money’ that the Koch bros. have funded a very conservative curriculum at George Mason University, along with he brick and mortar facilities needed. So, it appears that what we learn in college simply depends on what some want us to learn—and/or who pays for it.

    I got most of my education through self study, which means I got it through many sources and was able to get many opinions, compare them and use logic to decide which and who’s teachings was best or correct. There is logic and morally/ethically correct things to learn from all political persuasions; we need to simply avoid jumping into radical political positions simply because of some idealism that is only suitable to certain sectors of our society. We are composed of many different people, with different wants and needs. We need to understand this, and get over our mindset that only our thinking is correct—except, of course, where it involves morality which is not subjective. These principles are God given and are the very foundation of our country. If some choose to not believe, they always have the option of going elsewhere— just don’t try to force your godless ways of life on the rest of us.

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